Labour Rips Off The Motorist Again With Fuel Duty Increase 5 Times More Than EU Countries

Gordon Brown and Labour rip the motorist off again, since the pre-Budget report on November 2008 the fuel duty on a litre of petrol has gone up 11.46%, in the same period in Austria fuel duty has risen 2.23% and an average of 5% across 10 other EU countries.

Adding to the UK drivers’ burden, the budget is scheduled to deliver UK motoring families an early Easter egg with an inflation + 1p increase in fuel duty the day before Good Friday (April 1). This could potentially add another 2.5p a litre to the pump price of petrol and diesel*.

For petrol, EU figures show that drivers in Germany, Austria and Portugal have seen their tax go up between 2% and 2.6% since the autumn of 2008. Only Spain comes close to the UK increase, with a 10.36% increase.

For UK diesel car owners, the fuel’s tax burden has increased 8.10% – marginally lower than the 8.33% in Ireland but well above the 2.89% average for the 10 European countries. In five of those countries, the tax-take is lower now than in November 2008, reflecting the collapse in the European wholesale price of diesel. It is a saving that has been denied to UK, Irish, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish drivers.

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  1. The UK is the worst, but it’s a general problem in the rest of the EU (and even Switzerland) as well. Why IS the tax so high and what are they doing with it as it doesn’t go anywhere near actually maintaining the roads.

  2. Labour governments are the same around the world, every one of them, totally incompetent. To make matters worse, in spite of their total incompetence, the donkey vote is always in the majority. To these halfwits, known as the donkey voter, their precious labour governments can do no wrong. How can any country ever recover from the sickening mess that labour Gov. are creating.

  3. Heart of Midlothian

    February 2010

    Average UK petrol and diesel prices have hit a plateau of around 112p a litre for petrol and 114p a litre for diesel over the past month. Even with a 2p drop in wholesale prices in recent days, the average petrol pump price has barely fallen while the cost of diesel has declined slightly. Barrel price is $77.

    Unleaded prices have risen by 0.3ppl from 111.8ppl to 112.1ppl. Diesel prices have also risen, by 0.1ppl, from 113.7ppl to 113.8ppl. The price difference between unleaded and diesel has fallen from 1.9ppl to 1.7ppl.

    Northern Ireland recorded the highest price for unleaded at 113.5ppl. Yorkshire and Humberside recorded the lowest price for unleaded at 110.9ppl. Northern Ireland recorded the highest diesel price at 114.9ppl. Yorkshire and Humberside have the cheapest diesel at 112.8ppl.

    Supermarket prices for unleaded also rose over the month by 0.8ppl to 110.8ppl. The gap between supermarket prices and the UK average for unleaded has fallen to 1.3ppl.

    Overseas prices have also risen. The UK has the eleventh highest unleaded price in Europe and the second highest diesel price.

  4. ..& the $ to £ exchange rate is??……

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