Climategate – UN To Review Errors Made By IPCC

The UN is going to have an independent review carried on out the fabricated lies errors in the IPCC 2007 report on Climate Change, in an effort to restore the credibility of the IPCC.

The IPCC report contained a number of critical lies errors about the Himalayan glaciers being gone by 2035, North African corn production would fall 50% by 2020. A senior IPCC contributor has since admitted there was absolutely no eveidence to support this wild and erroneous claim.

The Dutch government has asked the IPCC to correcr it’s claim that 55% of the Netherlands was below sea level, the Dutch Enviornment Ministry says it’s 26% of the Netherlands that is below sea level.

The warming alarmists, one world governmentalists and wealth resdistributionists are becoming worried, worried because the number of people taken in by the AGW lie has fallend from 46% in November to 26% in February.

Doubltless this review will just be another whitewash and coverup as the warmists try to shore up the AGW lie

The review will be led by Robbert Dijkgraaf, co-chairman of the Interacademy Council and president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He has been asked to investigate the internal processes of the IPCC and will not consider the overarching question of whether it was right to claim that human activities were very likely to be causing global warming.

The terms of reference for the review ensure that the real questions will not be asked.

The review, which will be announced in New York by Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, and Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, is expected to recommend stricter checking of sources and much more careful wording to reflect the uncertainties in many areas of climate science.

The Met Office, which produces the global temperature record used by the IPCC in its reports, has proposed a separate review of its data after admitting that public confidence in its findings had been undermined.

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  1. And will they also investigate TERI India and TERI Europe
    and other clean energy companies of which Al Gore has invested millions and Pachauri’s involvement with them?

    I don’t think (well I hope they don’t who knows) because
    the credibility of the UN IPCC it’s hidden agendas, etc.,
    will depend on it. There are trillions invested in carbon credits
    and I’m fear people will lose their dollars, and I don’t think
    they will take that without a fight

  2. Schiller Thurkettle

    This is the same as the Michael Mann investigation. They’ll look at everything except what was done with the facts or the data. This makes fraud the same as ‘scientific disagreement’, which is an obvious fallacy.

    They’ll stick to the scenario of ‘a few insignificant errors’ and move back to the ‘science is settled’ mantra.

    As long as these people continue to be paid to churn out scenarios of chaos and doom, they, like authors of paperback novels, will continue to do so.

  3. I hope not – but – when people face more expense with
    the adoption of clean energy, then – there might be a revolt
    in a government’s agenda. After all politicians are supposed to support their constituents wishes.

    Obama is playing it cool right now…Brown …. well I don’t know much about UK anymore…Australia … Rudd’s health
    scheme might squeeze him in again next October.

    Let’s hope enough scientists keep shouting loud enough to
    be heard … It ain’t necessarily so…LOL

  4. It appears that these bloody diehards are not prepared to give up on their lost cause. Losing face has not gone down well with these insufferable misfits. I am quite sure that Kevin 08 and gang will be on their way out this October/ November. I also believe that most Australian are quite pissed off with Penny Wong and Peter Garret. Lets face it, the entire Labour party consists of preppies.

    • Huddie O/T I suspect? I agree however, big constitutional problems exist. I’ll send this from ACM to Roger. I send letters to the editor my politicians etc., but it’s seems Kevin is going to avoid a double dissolutions or can, and put off a general election to April 2011. And from due process put in referendums, some to do with the republican issue and if the States don’t agree with the health program he has suggested (no details politically available for the States to make an opinion yet particularly if they have to forgo 1/3 of their GST)

      I don’t understand it quite honestly, I will send my intelligence from ACM (Australians for Constitutional Monarchy) By the way I’m not a blind Royalist, purely for the law governing our constitutional rights. The British monarchy are just a figure head to me.
      The point of view of our Constitution. If anyone would like to view, I have a letter from HM Queen Elizabeth, that states, she has no influence nor can comment even on any Australian political views or situations. (Even if she is sympathetic with the correspondent’s view point?)

  5. This is a amazing site post, im delighted I discovered this. Ill be back again in the future to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

  6. sick of stupidity

    you are a fool. you have no degree in atmospheric science and therefore are an ignorant schmuck. educate yourself, please. al gore is NOT the face of climate change, he does not deserve a nobel peace prize– he deserves a pat on the back for supporting awareness (whether in a positive or negative way…he still got some attention which i guess is better than none… -.- *sigh*). But seriously, go learn how the atmosphere, oceans, and chemistry work together– then make an EDUCATED opinion.

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