Expenses – 5th Labour MP To Be Investigated By Police

Labour MP Harry Cohen subject of Police investigation

Another Labour expenses fiddler is about have his collar felt by the Met, Wanstead and Leyton MP Harry Cohen is to be the subject of a criminal investigation; Cohen claimed expenses in excess of £70k for his second home while he rented out his first home.

The Met have asked the HoC authorities for documents relating to expense claims made by Cohen, though the Police have yet to question Cohen.

Also under investigation is Eric Illsley, Labour MP for Barnsley who is alleged to have made phantom claims for Council Tax, whatever that may be.

However, during part of this period – including the entire 2005-06 financial year – Mr Cohen, 60, rented out the Colchester property to tenants. In total, he made a gross income of £27,000 by renting out the house, while living in his second home.

The MP defended the claims by saying that his wife had fallen ill and was unable to travel.

He said that, in order to care for her and attend to constituency business, he had to live most of the time in east London. He said that he always intended to return to his “main home”, adding: “I consider it a home of beauty… I feel that angels reside there.”

he Daily Telegraph has learnt that Mr Morley, Mr Chaytor and Mr Devine will today set out their case to have the charges against them thrown out. In the unprecedented appearance before Westminster magistrates, their solicitor will read a statement arguing that they are protected from prosecution by parliamentary privilege.

In the meantime, he spent thousands of pounds renovating the constituency property, including spending £1,741 on granite kitchen worktops, £3,131 on plastering and £1,470 on decorations. He is now attempting to sell his designated second home for £475,000 — £100,000 more than he paid for it. Robert Winnett in The Telegraph

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  1. It is a proven fact that labour governments lose touch with reality and believe that they are above the law and scrutiny. There is an old saying which goes like this ‘Be sure your sin will find you out.’ Recent events bear testament to this fact. I just hope that the voters in Australia will come to their senses before Mr. Rudd and his band of thieves sell us all down the river and enroll us unwittingly in the church of climatology.

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