MP’s Expenses Three Labour MP’s Think They Are Above The Law

Labour MP's Devine, Chayter amd Morley think they are above the law

Three Labour MP’s were in court yesterday, trying to slither out of any legal reckoning by using the Bill of Rights to argue they are “above the law” and could only be judged by the House of Commons.

The arrogance of these troughers is unbelievable, so arrogant are they after 13 years in power they believe they can only be judged by fellow troughers in Parliament, and until told by the Judge that they must stand in the dock, they refused to do so.

Their astonishing stance brought immediate criticism that, even after widespread public outrage, MPs ‘still don’t get it’.

The three initially sat at the back of Court One, avoiding the indignity of standing in the dock.

But Judge Workman rejected an application by their barrister Julian Knowles that they should remain in the well of the court.

He ordered them to file into the dock, a glass-fronted section of the bleak, crowded room in which countless criminals, drunks and shoplifters have stood before.

The three MPs and the 69-year-old peer are accused of stealing money by abusing the Parliamentary allowance system. It took the clerk nearly ten minutes to read all the charges.

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  1. How dare these thieves dare imagine that they are better than common criminals? These filthy sponging carrion are not even white collared crooks. They are the cheapest of the cheap, manipulative scheming scoundrels, trying to use their parliamentary privelges in a law court. Absolute arrogant buffoons.

  2. Things have changed since I was living in England! If you were found sleeping with a call gal, then you were thrown
    out parliament (Profumo affair)

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