Daily Mirror Criticises Bikers Wootton Bassett Afghan Heroes Fund Raising Event

On Sunday 15,000 bikers gathered at Hullavington airfield and rode to what is often called the most patriotic town in Britain, Wootton Bassett.

During the course of the rideout they raised £100,000 for the Afghan Heroes Charity, who could possibly find fault and criticise people who ride motorcycles and choose to show solidarity and respect for our armed forces?

Enter stage right Daily Mirror Security Correspondent Chris Hughes:

NOW we’ve seen it all – hundreds of bikers showing their
“solidarity with frontline troops,” by trundling their petrol guzzling and fume spewing steeds through Wootton Bassett.

The rather loose connection between motorbikes and our troops, the organisers tell us, is that many of the bikers know, or are related to someone serving out in Afghanistan.

But I wonder if someone – just for a change – could set a trend by doing something they hate doing to raise money for good causes. And something that isn’t so public
and… well…. so annoying?

Hughes is also peddled as a war correspondent, so if as alleged he knows about war and support for troops why is the war correspondent so surprised that bikers can be found supporting the armed forces of their country?

If Hughes could take his head out of his ass for long enough, he might learn from the actions of bikers in the USA.

When the US finally pulled out of Vietnam in 1975 there were approximately 2,500 US service personnel unaccounted for. Congress turned it’s back on the League of Families about the POW/MIA question, one of the major forces in keeping the POW/MIA topic alive was the huge biker rideouts to Washington demanding answers about the missing from the war. The pressure and improving relations with Vietnam have meant that remains have been found and repatriated and that for some the families, they at last have closure on a tragic event.

The precedent has already been set and repeated every year for 25 years, so much for the informed journalist.

Hughes is whimpering that he has received at lot of unpleasant emails since he wrote his stupid and ill advised article, he really misjudged this one!

This type of leftwing ideological post is typical of the indoctrinated propaganda output by MSM outlets like the Daily Mirror.

Just like all his kind the programming says you must start with some reference to Climate Change, make a dig about personal transport then question any patriotic act as something a bit dirty, or dark and shady.

So what if people who do fund raising enjoy the activity?

If they can have fun and raise money for a cause they believe in, does it make the cause or the money raised any less worthy, than if you raised the money by self flagellation with a rope of knotted razor wire?

Of course it does not.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Would that be the same Mirror that Toilets ‘works’ for?
    You’ll remember toilets..he made a sick joke about Maddie McCann!

  2. robert humphrey

    why isit when some one trys to do good in some way some arse has to try and put it down if the goverment had set the wootton bassett run up then would us bikers had got such bad publicity from a puppet rag as the daily mirror i dont think so . but hey its get at bikers yet again ! and any thing to do with supporting our brave troops looks like a dirty subject . long live the queen .

  3. I am an ex soldier and I am a biker like being a biker this country flows in my veins, I have even shed some for this country, And I would do it again. This tosser needs to be suited up and over there and tell our boy’s what HE think’s of there supporter’s, Wouldn’t last a minute

    God save the queen.

  4. I’m a member of The Royal British Legion Riders Branch and as a former soldier who also rides a bike, how I choose to support my former colleagues and comrades in arms is up to me, not some pot smoking arsehole who wouldn’t know what honour was if it came and bit him on the arse

  5. i doubt many returning would describe themselves as “heroes”

  6. He is pompous an disgusting. I posted a comment about an article being propaganda and he was personally offensive. Poor journalist.

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