Gordon Brown A Severe Case Of Politbureau Delusion

Gordon Brown has achieved a certain notoriety for his reliance on falling back on tractor production stats whenever the going gets tough at PMQs.

The relentless droning on and on with meaningless figures are reminiscent of Soviet Bloc propaganda videos about cooperative farms, tractor production, riveters and the like.

The problem is that Brown actually believes his own propaganda and lies, as he found to his cost on Monday when he appeared before an audience of “undecided voters”. One thing, and one thing alone became crystal clear, the gulf between Brown and the people whose votes he needs, is vast and most likely cannot be bridged before a General Election.

Mr Brown’s contributions read a like a broadcast by a member of the East German politburo who seldom leaves his headquarters and who still believes the regime’s propaganda that everything is getting better and better.

On this occasion the Prime Minister travelled to Stourbridge, in the West Midlands, where Barry Weir, who is unemployed, told him the town “used to have a major glass manufacturing industry” which has “virtually completely disappeared”.

Recent figures have shown that manufacturing industry in Britain has contracted by 10% pa since 2000

Mr Brown said: “Well I’m sorry about your job losses and I hope you’ll find something soon. Look, I’m excited about the future because we can move into advanced manufacturing, so low carbon manufacturing, manufacturing that’s built around pharmaceuticals and biotechnology…”

The Green jobs lie again, there will be little or no employment in Green industries like Wind Turbines for Britain, 98% of all wind turbines will be manufactured outside of this country

The Prime Minister continued in this vein for a long time, but to no avail. Peter Brooks asked him: “How long have you been in power? Surely you should have done something here…the manufacturing area is in decline, it’s a spiral down not a spiral up.” Hat tip to Peter Brooks

Things get even worse when talk turns to the NHS and Sally Austin, a consultant clinical psychologist, tells him: “I suppose what I’m looking for in the political party that I’m going to vote for is honesty and I, I don’t feel it I’m afraid…We’re shattered, we’re exhausted, we’re demoralised…We’re beginning to work to rule because we’re so tired and the NHS doesn’t work well when people work to rule…My sense is that 40 per cent of my energy, my team’s energy…is spent coping with change.”

Mr Brown repeats the regime’s propaganda: “But there are 30,000 more doctors than there were in 1997. There are 80,000 more nurses.”
Mike Weston tells Mr Brown: “My mother was an 86-year-old, very active, lived on her own and suddenly broke her hip and waited seven hours in A&E before she was taken to a ward because there were no porters and waited a further 12 days, two operations, three operations in the end and sadly died because she simply couldn’t take it.

Will Labour ever learn that throwing money in huge quantities at a problem, does not solve the problem, it  just makes it a very expensive problem

Soon we were hearing from Ann Probin, who described how her son Daniel was killed in Afghanistan: “A bomb went off the side of him. He was on a night patrol…He didn’t have any equipment at all…Would you like your son to go out on a night patrol with no equipment?”

The Prime Minister once again apologizes: “I’m very, I’m very sorry about what happened to Daniel.” Later on he says that our commanders “assured me that they had the equipment that was necessary for this operation…and it’s been a successful operation.”

Brown is having to write to Chilcot to explain his half-truths about defence spending, what more needs to be said?

This: Near the end a life-long Labour voter called James tells Mr Brown: “Events are going to overwhelm you and you’re going to be swept away.”

Hat tip to The Daily Telegraph for the story

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