Budget 2010 Wind And Nuclear Power At Heart Of Darling’s Budget

Wind Power at the heart of Darling’s last budget, ignoring the opportunity for jokes, the question is why?

Alistair Darling will place nuclear and wind power today at the heart of efforts to lead Britain into sustained growth as he sets out the choices voters face in the coming election.

The Chancellor will use the Budget to try to “unlock private sector investment” to boost jobs and help to harness the energy sources of the future. He will seek to use government support for private companies as a key election dividing line, portraying Labour as safe custodians of a recovery that is as yet too fragile to trust to the Conservatives More from The Times

Under Labour manufacturing output has fallen every year since 2000, even the so called good times were just smoke and mirrors, our industrial base was shrinking the whole time while Brown was Chancellor as well as, Prime Minister.
The last factory that produced wind turbines in Britain has gone, 98% of all wind turbine components are made abroad. Like the car scrappage scheme where hundreds of millions of pounds left the country, the so called Green Jobs revolution is just another Labour mirage.

Spain has a very pro AGW government that has created a lot of so called Green Jobs, the only problem being that every Green job has cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries.

In the United States where King Hussein is spouting the same socialist nonsense about Green jobs, voters have woken up very quickly to that fact that there are no new Green jobs, only old jobs killed off at tremendous cost and fewer Green jobs to replace those lost.

Green industries cause unemployment fact.

Another problem with Wind power is that is does not work, it does not work in Britain, Canada or Denmark which is now covered with bird choppers like fleas on a hedgehog.

Richard North has this to say:

The wind may not make the bird choppers go round as fast as the greenies would like, but it does move the ice in the Arctic. That, at last, Geoffrey Lean is conceding, catching up with the rest of us.

Meanwhile, from an excellent report on the wind experience in Ontario, it seems that the bird choppers there are just as useless as they are here – which does not exactly come as a surprise. Once again, also, we see the familiar refrain about the need for back-up, thus duplicating the network at huge expense.

Then heart of Labour’s budget will be a technology that we do not manufacture, a technology that produces the most expensive and inefficient electricity generation because of the need for backup on windless days.

How this can lead to economic recovery beats the hell out of Aardvark, but then again Darling will say that unemployment is falling……….

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