Climategate – Labour Government Response To ePetition To Suspend The CRU

This is the epetiton to suspend the CRU:

The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia is a “leading centre” for the investigation of “manmade global warming” and government policy relies on the integrity of these statistics. Several claims have been made: that data was “cherry picked” to make the 20th century temperature rise look exceptional in historical terms; emails suggest the unit has colluded in “tricks” to “hide the decline” in a high profile scientific journal, and this unit has colluded in active, secret and highly political campaigning through the website “realclimate”.

The preparation of climate statistics require many judgements: stations move & sites become surrounded by urban sprawl (urban heating) & a judgement must be made of the size of the offset to apply to the global temperature record. The University accepts most emails are genuine so it appears the Unit has been acting in a highly partisan way incompatible with that of a neutral body preparing and interpreting government data. We call on the PM to suspend all further use of the climate research unit until all pertinent allegations have been investigated and any action (if any) has been taken.

The response from the Government is classic nothing to see here, move along now, Monty Python meets warming alarmist.

Climategate, Glaciergate, the deeply flawed IPCC 2007 report and the other lies that have been found out, have never happended for Gordon Brown and David Miliband.

The Government believes that all these allegations should be investigated transparently.

An independent review is currently examining the scientific conduct of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and is due to report its findings later in the spring. More information on the review can be found at: The University of East Anglia also recently announced that there will be a separate review to examine the CRU’s key scientific publications. The findings of both these reviews will be made public.

The House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology is also investigating the matter. On 1 March the Select Committee heard evidence from a wide range of contributors, including Professor Jones, who has temporarily stepped down from his post as Director of CRU.

CRU’s analysis of temperature records is not funded by, prepared for, or published by the Government. The resulting outputs are not Government statistics.

Our confidence that the Earth is warming is taken from multiple sources of evidence and not only the HadCRUT temperature record, which CRU scientists contribute to. The same warming trend is seen in two independent analyses carried out in the United States, by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Goddard Institute of Space Studies at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). These analyses draw on the same pool of temperature data as HadCRUT, but use different methodologies to produce analyses of temperature change through time. Further evidence of this warming is found in data from instruments on satellites, and in trends of declining arctic sea ice and rising sea levels.

Science is giving us an increasingly clear picture of the risks we face from climate change. With more research, we can better understand those risks, and how to manage them. That is why the Government funds a number of institutions, including the University of East Anglia, to carry out research into climate change science.

Everything in their response has already been shown to wrong or just lies.

What will it take to wake up Labour, hardly anyone believes the AGW lies anymore, and their so called Green policies are out of step with the majority of voters.

This is the same Labour Government that spent public money on fear mongering, innacurate Climate Change ads that the Advertising Standards Authority pulled.

Their mind is made up about AGW nothing trivial like facts is going to get in the way of one world government and wealth redistribution.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. According to this weeks International Express (page 3) published in UK but aimed at Australia, under Environment. The government will not support a 2 billion pound Green bank establishment, as they say up to 404 billion
    pounds will be required to make the country clean of CO2 emissions and the economy couldn’t handle it. Someone is doing their sums and science for once, perhaps?

    Are they admitting the climategate is real now?

    Up to you folks now to make sure Mr Cameron does not
    support climate gate and reverse some of the clean energy
    expenditure such as 100 billion to be paid for wind farms
    bought from Germany (not Denmark).

    Sustainability is another matter to adapt to any type of climate change that we have to consider probable. Particularly considering water conservation, soil fertility and maintenance. And for you in UK population growth. How can someone in Romania be receiving child support benefits
    when they are not resident to this country. It happens I believe. And is this the result of you joining the EU? Only a socialist government would have agreed, I feel.
    Stuff socialist Europe, bar the tourist component. Join the USof A and the Commonwealth of Nations. Especially Canada, Australia and New Zealand your mates in time of war etc., and still considers Elizabeth II their Queen too!

    Coal isn’t too bad, and you can buy it from Australia really
    cheap that is brown coal not black anthracite. Well China is? If CO2 emissions do not cause climate change as
    suggested or driven by AGW sponsors like Phil Jones et al.

    Why tax it? Pollution yes. But CO2 and methane from farm animals does not drive the climate. Or will change it. (Or cool it if some would have their way). When it isn’t getting hotter. Even if CO2 emissions 99% are created naturally
    not by AGW our globe would increase or decrease if other variables are effective, like jet streams, ocean movements, solar activity, and sub atomic cosmic rays etc., or volcanic eruptions. Even if CO2 contents was to increase by double, the global temps would increase only by 1 C. That’s not bad really, the warmer it is, the better it is to grow crops and pastures, and produce rain. However it it plunges, and the Northern Hemisphere in parts is subject to extremely restricted sunlight (land of the midnight sun)
    this would effect the ability to maintain growing seasons
    if we should again , again, be subjected to a mini ice age.

    Remember Greenland was once occupied by pastorialists
    and by the late 14th century, they had been depleted because they had plunged into an ice age again, like today.
    They shrank in skeletal size, as discovered by archaeologists over several generations (75 years) due to climate change naturally induced.

    Don’t be fooled, the ones who are responsible for the AGW
    hysteria, are the UN IPCC, the Al Gores, all those that received billions to prove AGW, not give a balanced scientific report, and Pachauri, the chairman of TERI Europe
    and India. This man is a scam artist. He is chairman of a firm in America finding ways to get more oil out of what is thought to be oil depleted wells. Do you think he and Al Gores the CCT investment banks like Goldman Sachs have a conflict of interest in proving AGW is a settled science.

    Of course they do! Without cap and trade, or Emission taxing schemes (ETS) they will have no one to exchange their carbon credit permits with. Now these are plunging in value, including genuine organisations that have invested their pension schemes into Carbon credits, like your BBC.

    Wake up and take a stance Great Britain. Don’t go off shore with your basic organizatons. (I had a pension reply from Malta?)

    Best of British luck, eh. BE strong and nationalistic.

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