Guardian – Wind Farms Dont Work In Britain Because We Are Selfish

Not In My Back Yard is the problem says George Monbiot

A bit of light relief from the most pointless budget in British history, but still connected as it is about wind power; is provided by George Monbiot in the Guardian.

Now George has a theory, actually George has many theories all of them inexorably linked to Anthropogenic Global Warming; although his religion is battered and dying George is still crusading for Al Gore.

Today’s crusade is about wind farms and why they dont work in Britain, apparently because we are selfish.

Nothing to do with the fact that most of the country has insufficient wind to make them viable as an energy source, or that wind power is the most expensive form of electrical generation there is.

As a practicing warmist George will ignore this and take an isolated case out of context and then quote this as what should be the norm:

Listening to the radio yesterday, I remembered something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest. The PM programme carried a report from Westray in the Orkney islands, where a 900kW wind turbine was approved without a single planning objection (BBC News of Ten has more). Given that it stands 67m high on a mostly flat island, how did this happen?

It’s simple: the turbine is owned by the residents. They raised £1.5m in loans and grants. Once the bank has been paid off, they’ll be making £200,000 a year.

The Orkney Islands are stuck out in the middle of the sea and get battered by gales and storms, any fairly remote place surrounded by sea will get a lot of wind and are one of the few places in Britain where bird choppers are viable.

One word explains the massive difference between the deployment of wind power in the UK and in Denmark: ownership. The public acceptance of windfarms in Denmark is largely due to the fact that most of them are owned by communities or co-operatives. The contrast to the UK could scarcely be greater, where communities fight tooth and nail against them, and planning objections are the major reason why the UK is struggling to meet its renewables targets.

The much quoted Denmark example, more wind turbines than fleas on a hedgehog and despite the huge capital outlay wind power has never provided more than 18% of Denmarks energy needs, and that’s on the best day they have ever had.

George also fails to take into account that on days when there is no wind, it is coal that will provide the bulk of the electricity the islanders use.

This is partly because most people in this country don’t live in places where they could build a windfarm (or where there are useful ambient energy resources of any kind) and partly because, suffering from the British disease, we’d rather wholly own an inefficient technology than share ownership of an efficient one.

Only George believes that wind farms are efficient, but then he is using a partial argument much like the reduction in car emissions the ill advised scrappage scheme is claimed to have achieved, while completely ignoring that 58% of a car’s carbon emissions are during manufacture.

The vehicle scrappage scheme has caused far more emissions than it has saved, but then religion dictates that you dont think things through, and no one at the Church of Climatology has ever been accused of that.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. They Don’t work because of NIMBY? Buy a vowel, George!
    The put those Cusinarts all over Tehachapi Pass–one of the windiest places in California–and they are abandoned, rusting, oil-puking husks of fail.
    They. Don’t. Work. At. All.

  2. Absolutely, if the wind is too great, they fail and break.

    Whose idea in the first place? Clean energy is a rort! Well not for those who are investing heavily in Carbon trading credits… they’ve been really trumped with the IPCC.. now trying to back down and blaming Al Gore, Hansen, Mann and others for giving bad reports not substantiated by other real scientists.

    I hope Mr Cameron has a good response to this climate change scam. or UK is squashed… like the EU?

  3. And I might add, how do you know that this climate change
    scams and AGW wasn’t a reason to devalue UK’s living standards? By introducing so called clean energy, and you know wind farms are not clean! Check out Dr Richard S.Courtney’s 2006 report about why wind farms are not a
    good alternative energy source.

  4. And if you look at some in Spain, over the mountains, defunk
    wind turbines lay dormant, ruined, and they are sitting beside new ones as it is cheaper to replace them than repair them.

    High winds ruin wind turbines.

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