More Shame On Labour Kevan Jones Apologises To Joanna Lumley

Gordon Brown and Labour’s record with our armed forces has been nothing short of disgusting.

At Chilcot Brown lied about defence spending, Labour Ministers have conducted smears and lies campaigns against serving General Officers and members of the their families, repeated Freedom Of Information requests have been filed about expense claims for officers by some of the worst Labour troughers in the MPs Expenses scandal.

Then there was shameful case of the Gurkhas and the campaign by Joanna Lumley that caused a U turn by Gordon Brown and much seething resentment and a desire for payback against Joanna Lumley.

Sky News reports today:

The actress hit back at Defence Minister Kevan Jones, who accused her of “deathly silence” over allegations UK-bound Gurkhas were being forced to pay hundreds of pounds in legal advice in Nepal.

Mr Jones apologised to Ms Lumley’s in a statement saying:

“I am sorry if any offence was caused – this was not intended.”

Campaigner Peter Carroll and legal advisers Howe & Co Solicitors said the comments were unforgivable, saying: “We feel that these comments are part of a set of actions that constitutes a broader attempt to taint the widely-welcomed positive outcome of the Gurkha Campaign.”

Ms Lumley spearheaded a successful campaign to throw out rules that prevented retired Gurkhas from settling in the UK. Full story Sky News

More lies, spite and petty nastiness from a Government so far past it’s sell by date that even Obama said “Brown’s regime has the whiff of death about it

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  1. Kevan Jones has form. He is alleged to have attempted to smear Gen. Sir. Richard Dannatt, MC, over expenses and this is in the public domain. He should resign now.
    It is sad that the Tories have declined to back EDM 327 tabled by the Rt. Hon. Michael Mates, Esq.,MP. Their lack of unity and support for this distinguished MP is risible. 181 MPs’ have signed. My own Tory Grandee Arbuthnot declines.
    He had to repay £13K over expenses and he has lost my life long Tory vote. Dr Liam Fox and Dr. Murrison, had to repay £22K. and £6K. respectively and both serve on the shadow defence team . They have not signed up. Our 4 M + supporters have no faith in these people to do the right thing and Tory support is withering on the vine towards UKIP.
    We asked for the proposal for a National Defence Medal to be included in the Conservative Manifesto. Five letters to Cameron were simply ignored. However it is now in another party manifesto- so as a septuagenarian I say; Tories wake up !

    • Election or not, the Veterans minister is utterly complacent and I am appalled that this attitude still persists whilst these ministers still send our finest into lethal danger.

      Kevan Jones recently wrote:

      “Armed Forces personnel who are prepared to put their lives on the line in service of the country willingly accept restrictions to their lifestyle and the unique conditions of service that are required to do the job. Service personnel, past and present, are well aware of this before they join the services, and therefore willingly accept what their ‘usual conditions of service life’ entails.”

      In this most unsympathetic outburst when asked about better recognition for our magnificent forces, he demonstrates a complacent attitude towards those who join the armed services and he completely forgets the huge debt owed to National Servicemen who were given no choice. Lets not forget this is from a Minister who is supposedly looking after veterans interests

  2. Douglas Searle

    As an ex-RAF Sergeant of 14 years service I find this man and his inane utterances to be totally reprehensible. If the ‘good’ people of his consituency had any sense they would have voted him out a long time ago.
    I only managed to serve for 14 years because I was made ‘redundant’ under yet more defence cuts implemented by a previous useless Labour administration.
    I was going to say that I found it peculiar that as far as I can see there has not been a labour administration that has not ended in tears, but with people of his calbre it is now quite easy to understand why !!!

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