Labours Election Poster Backfires Worse Than A Clapped Out Prius

In the history of political screw ups Labour’s people poster of David Cameron will turn out to their second biggest political mistake ever, second only to Michael Foot’s 1983 election manifesto often described as the longest political suicide note in history.

Launched amid much back slapping and glee, the first Labour election poster and probably the last designed by the dwindling band of party faithful has backfired spectacularly.

We have said on this blog more than once, that socialists and Green liars have no sense of humour and that is the root cause of the poster’s failure. So well brainwashed and versed in the Labour propaganda about the Thatcher years, the guys that designed this, more than likely thought that they had really hit pay dirt with the poster and message.

In their socialist earnestness they completely missed the point that Gene Hunt is one of the most popular figures on TV; a fact recognised by senior Labour figures who are now grumbling that their poster will actually give DC a poll boost.

DC is delighted at the comparison and had this to say:

“I think there will be thousands of people, millions of people, in the country who wish it was the 1980s and that police were out there feeling collars and nicking people instead of filling in forms

Iain Dale:

You’d have thought they might have picked someone the public actually don’t like. ­Amateur night.

The BBC are not pleased that the publicity poster for Ashes to Ashes was used for political ends, but as they don’t own the copyright, the production company does there is little the BBC can do.

It remains to be seen if Kudos the production company decide that their copyright has been infringed.

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  1. lets hope Kudos aren’t run by a bunch of labour luvvies.

  2. I do not like to comment on Labour governments, because no critizism is harsh enough. Labour politicians are too thick skinned to know the difference between an insult, sarcasm and flattery.

  3. both MilliBlands were a sight for sore eyes.
    Pls watch this with the sound turned’s freaking hliarious.

  4. Great post. Great poster and an absolute own-goal that hope is the final nail in the coffin for this bunch of idiots.

  5. Labour proving the amazing left wing ability to not understand Wit, Sarcasm, Irony and Common Sense

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