Climategate – The Guardian Exposes The AGW Scam By Mistake

On April 1st Joss Garman wrote an article in the Guardian about South Africa becoming a high carbon zone to attract foreign investment.

Written from his ivory office in Monbiot towers Garman is upset at what he sees as the betrayal of the Church of Climatology, not for one moment would he consider that the real “crime” here is not the betrayal of his dubious religion, but the blatant wealth redistribution and subsequent job loses and energy poverty that they want to inflict on the people of Britain.

Ever since the deeply flawed IPCC 2007 report appeared we have been brainwashed that the man has changed the climate, and that unless we reduce global carbon emissions we are doomed.

Bearing the above statement in mind, Garman’s story is extraordinary for exposing exactly what is likely to happen:

With its sky-high poverty levels and average life expectancy of just 51 years, South Africa is not a country we generally associate with extravagant binge-flying lifestyles, turbo-consumerism, and shopping trips to New York. How bizarre then that per capita carbon emissions in South Africa are now higher than in many European countries. While most South Africans are unlikely to ever own a plasma screen TV or Hummer, their carbon footprints still appear to be only slightly less than your average Japanese, and their national carbon emissions are now greater than those of France.

The situation becomes more comprehensible when you look at South Africa’s industrial base, with 60% of South Africa’s electricity being guzzled by heavy industry, and most of that comes from dirty coal. Now this key global climate player wants another coal station that would pollute as much as the two dirtiest plants in Britain put together, and cause a further surge in its national emissions – and they want you to pay for it.

Just as Switzerland offers the super-rich the ability to avoid high taxes, and Uzbekistan-presented high-street clothes chains in Europe with cheap child labour in their cotton fields, South Africa and other major emerging economies like China are beginning to exploit the CBDR principle to establish themselves as global havens for the most environmentally destructive industries on Earth. South Africa is effectively setting up shop as a high-carbon economic zone to encourage in foreign companies by freeing them of carbon regulation.

The scam exposed, industry moving from the western world to the emerging nations, leaving behind unemployment and poverty while the Labour Government and the EU reward companies for killing British jobs, pay them billions for relocating to other countries, and not one ounce of CO2 reduced in the whole scam.

There never was a climate change problem, just snake oil and smoke and mirrors to hide the real agenda of wealth redistribution and one world government.


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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Good on you for exposing all this. Shame you can’t get the BBC to do a Panorama show on this? Considering they have
    their pension scheme invested in Carbon Credits?

  2. Lord Monckton explains why the decision (regarding Phil Jones) should come as no surprise:

  3. You might be interested in this article. About how carbon credits investments are plummeting. More or less what I have been saying for a long time. Hope you can put this to UK
    politicians before it’s too late to withdraw from this climate
    change scam.

  4. I alter the former it should read

    Titled. After climategate, Should Savvy Investors Short Carbon
    Credits (PJM exclusive)

    Circulate to all media sources and politicians etc.

  5. An excellent article exposing AGW for the complete and utter scam it is.

    Useful fools such as the dumbed down students who bought into the lie were blatantly manipulated by the die-hard marxists behind the now discredited and defunct climatecamp

    Glad people are fighting back, speaking out and openly denouncing and rejecting this treachery.

  6. Execellent stuff. Thanks.

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