Gordon Brown To Call General Election – A Few Things To Remember

Gordon Brown and calling an election, like military intelligence and political integrity you never expect to find them in the same sentence.

Finally Dear Leader has almost run out of time to be Dear Leader much longer.

Hanging on to power until almost the last moment, his hand forced by the Local Council elections on May 6th Brown must know the job he wanted so badly and was so monumentally useless at, is slipping away. Each minute that much closer to the end of Browns failed dream that has cost, and will cost the country dear for at least a generation.

The end of the New Labour experiment is in sight.

The lies and spin of Tony Blair that led to illegal wars, fiscal stupidity on a grand scale, the giving away of our gold reserves and the creation of the Labour elite like Patricia Scotland who are above the law.

The crowning of Emperor Brown who promptly broke Blair’s promise of a referendum on Lisbon, the never ending taxing of motorists where Brown got caught out for the first time lying. Remember the attempted VED tax hike back to March 2002 to rob the motorist, all for the great AGW lie?

Brown and Miliband desperate for wealth redistribution and one world socialist government willing to sell our country and jobs down the river in their blind obedience to the Church of Climatology.

Gordon Brown and Labour’s record on defence, absolutely shameful. Brown lying to Chilcot about defence spending rising every year (in real terms), the smearing of General Officers and their families when they dared to speak out against Brown’s cuts that were costing lives.

Even on the eve of a General Election Labour cannot control it’s venom and spite for those that crossed them, as was amply demonstrated by Kevan Jones last week attacking Joanna Lumley for the wonderful work she did for the Gurkhas.

A petty spiteful man, a legend in his own mind Gordon Brown has been the worst Prime Minister this country has had in over 250 years.

Brown will be remembered as a fiscal incompetent, but above all he will be remember as an arrogant, lying bully.

A man who was happy to lie to the House of Commons, the people of Britain, the Iraq inquiry and willing to denegrate flat earthers for not signing up to man made Climate Change.

Then we had Labours finest hour Smeargate Draper, Collins and McBride the face and methods of Labours Lies and Smears machine that saw McBride get rinsed by Nadine Dorries MP in court.

Brown cannot be gone soon enough, after the election the country should show it’s gratitude to Gordon Brown with a lamp post and 3 feet of piano wire.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Brown is a buffoon among buffoons, a man who has no peers. He was so desperate to become Prime Minister and he will now leave the coveted office as the worst there is, the worst there ever was and the worst there will ever be. Walk away into the sunset Brown and never be heard of again in polite terms. What a way to go and what a legacy and mess to leave behind.

  2. Well I hope Mr Cameron will come up with something to
    defuse the nonsense… I tried to enrol to vote as an ex patriot, but unfortunately honestly can’t remember voting if it was it was in 1963 I think when Harold got in, that’s when we decided to go to Australia. My husband was an RAF pilot and Harold scrapped a supersonic V bomber that my husband was destined to pilot. He was recruited by QANTAS.

    Anyway, I hope this new government starts to try and repair the damage New Labor has done to a wonderful country.

    I can’t believe that Romanians who aren’t British citizens
    receive family allowance while still living in Romania?
    My advice is Mr Cameron should shut down all this AGW
    nonsense or climate gate whatever you call it. And see
    the damage it has done so far to feather the money purses of Carbon Credit traders in Europe, India etc. Let alone the
    billions received by AGW scammers like Phil Jones.
    Who are now losing their investments. CO2 emissions do not cause climate change! So why tax them?
    A good site to tune into is from An Honest Climate Debate.
    “After climategate, Should Savvy Investors Short Carbon
    Credits (PJM exclusive)


    And circulate it widely into the media as well as politicians.
    I have in Australia.

    Where did the tinkling tea cups go while watching cricket
    on village greens. Probably still there somewhere. That’s why I love Midsummer Murders, reminds me of a Britain
    gone forever perhaps (Not the murders mind you but the photography etc)

  3. Sadly the Scottish ‘blatherskate brown bird’ is not yet an endangered species. Hopefully when the season opens on the 6th of May guns will shoot down this wretched and craven bird. It’s harsh and delirious cackle has been heard far too long people.

    • Just hope the next PM has got the guts to retain some of that olde British tenaciousness and toughness. I wasn’t impressed by Camerons speech, although I have to admit Britain’s changed since I lived there. But this climate change debacle that is ruining your country with your so called connection with EU a socialist run region, you need someone who calls a spade a spade, not pussy foot around. Get on and forget all this PC., UK is in trouble not only financially but socially.

  4. PS I fear you need another Margaret Thatcher. Or is that not PC. Only from another expatriot’s view point.

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