Brown And Labour Still Digging Their Jobs Tax Hole

Gordon Brown and Labours use of the d word (deceived) was both typical of Labour and at the same crass stupidity.

Brown spent a lot of time yesterday trying to spin what deceived meant, in the context of the semantic construction of his sentence and its implications (makes about as much sense as what Cyclops was saying). Its not what you say, so much as how people interpret it.

Unfortunately for Labour the business leaders have taken Browns words to mean that they are stupid, naive and easily led, and not surprsingly have reacted vigourously to refute this.

So the big question is why is Labour still digging an even deeper hole for itself?

New Labour’s big tent is looking more like a wigwam this morning. You can hardly move for fear of being trampled underfoot by captains of industry stampeding for the elegant marquee erected by Mr Cameron on the manicured lawns of Tory Towers.

Make no mistake. The campaign has begun well for the Conservatives with the row over national insurance.

Even more important, the NI story is leading all the TV and radio news bulletins, forcing Brown onto the back foot. Sir Stuart Rose, executive chairman of the country’s best-loved store Marks & Spencer, is one of some 70 business leaders going public with their support for the Tory pledge.

When you are in a hole stop digging, as Denis Healey once said. But Brown was at it again today, claiming that the Tories have dreamed up their cut on the back of a fag packet. Has he looked at a fag packet recently? You can hardly write your name for all the gruesome pictures showing the perils of smoking.

Of course, there is some strategic sense in Brown’s determination to prolong the row. The last three elections have all been won on Labour’s core message that higher spending trumps tax cuts.

But past performance is no guide to the future

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  1. Look I am on your side. Start promoting David Camerons
    specific political agendas for voters to digest. Look your general election is only weeks away! He should have been
    politically doing this months away.

    It looks like the conservatives won’t win. According to International press releases, they’ll come close though.

    So what is lost in taking the hard line eh?

    Climate Change
    The EU and involvement/
    And giving foreigners jobs and welfare.
    Don’t change your laws to encourage theocractic laws
    ie. Islamic laws.

    Start to punish illegal immigrants who arrive here without
    permits, and those that bring them here!

  2. Punishing people smugglers is a big mistake. Bring back capital pinishment instead and hang the bastards, along with Brown and his labour party. I am sure the people of good old England must be absolutely pissed off with that deceitful mongrel.

  3. Huddie: Well in Australia the SMH (Sydney Morning Herald)
    have revealed that Muslims with multiple wives are receiving
    multiple welfare checks. Although illegal in Australia, Islamic
    divorce laws are too. You know “I divorce thee, etc”

    I thought personally, Islamic laws forbid multiple wives, should the hubby not be able to support them in a proper manner.

    The UN is now looking at illegals or refugees seems to be a fine line separating them, when their own countries are not
    a threat. About time the refugee and illegal people smuggling came under review. I am sorry for these people.
    But – citizen safety and welfare should be the responsibility of their country of origin. If they can’t provide it they should at least pay for another country providing them with a new home.

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