Clegg and Cable The Cracks Are Starting To Show

Little Nicky and St Vince of Fable

All is not as it seems in the wasted vote Lib Dem Party between Leader Little Nicky Clegg and his economic spokesman St Vince of Fable.

Little Nicky’s wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez has been texting friends in Spain:

Mrs Clegg, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, has been texting her Spanish amigos with gripes about Vince Cable. Apparently, Mrs Gonzalez Durantez is not happy with Vince’s habit of going freelance, announcing policies without fully consulting her husband first.”

He speculates that the relationship might be more more “Steptoe & Son than Flanagan & Allen“.

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  1. lol . . fantastic! (And hasn’t Vince got a great pair! 😉

  2. nipples like wheel nuts 😀

  3. have you considered that he might have caught his truss in an escalator…or Cleggy’s ‘missus’ (smacks of a rent a bride there) may have kicked him in the testiculi ??

  4. James Burdett

    It’s Victor Meldrew and Kevin!

  5. In today’s news in Australia, a dog bit off a kid’s balls. Were all the labour politicians in England born without balls?

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