General Election – Hazel Blears In Salford And Eccles

Hazel Blears the former Communities Secretary, disgraced in the MP’s expenses scandal with some spectacular troughing is standing for the new seat of Salford and Eccles.

The problem for Blears is the expenses scandal just wont go away as the Salford Star reports on Salford Question Time:

At a stormy public Question Time at Salford Arts Theatre last night, Hazel Blears accused the media of lying about her during the expenses scandal. The Salford MP said “There’s an awful lot that’s been reported in the papers that is simply not true.”

Unfortunately Hazel didn’t mention all the stuff that was true… over £8000 on furniture, over £50,000 on mortgage payments, over £1000 on fees for personal tax returns, over £200 on bath towels and over £1000 on food when Parliament wasn’t even sitting.

Panel member Alex Halligan, representing the TUC, said “MPs, paid for by us, were basically taking the piss out of the ordinary people who voted for them…I didn’t mandate my MP to rob the taxpayer blind”…

Last night, at Salford Question Time the topic was Current National Affairs,the first question inevitably centred on the MPs expenses scandal and Hazel Blears was immediately on the defensive…

“I understood last year, and understand today, how angry people were…”

Audience heckler… “So why did you do it?”

“I will answer this fully, correctly, honestly and straight forwardly because that’s the kind of politician I’ve been for the last 25 years…”

Audience laughter.

Hat tip to the Salford Star for the story and the picture.

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  1. Smacking her across the face with a shovel….

    an act of kindness or assault??


  2. might alienate the ginger vote???

  3. When politicians have been in parliament as long as this bird, they become totally immune to criticizm, jeering and insults. It appears that these thick skinned people build a cocoon around themselves to insulate them from the anger of the public. Shameless hussy, is all I can call her.

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