General Election – Labour Begs For Lib Dem Votes

The Independent today has a story about Labour Transport Secretary Lord Adonis begging for Lib Dem Votes.

Adonis (the name still cracks Aardvark up) is a bit of political tart having been a member of the SDP and a Liberal councillor before switching sides to the Labour Party.

The move is unlikely to please Little Nicky and St Vince who are suffering from a bad dose of David Steel’s “go home and prepare for Government” delusion.

In a controversial intervention Lord Adonis raises the sensitive issue of tactical voting amid growing signs that Labour strategists regard a hung parliament as their only realistic hope of clinging to power after the general election.

Writing in The Independent today, the Transport Secretary, a former member of the Social Democratic Party and ex-Liberal Democrat councillor, says: “To avoid a Tory government after 6 May, it is vital to grasp now the fundamental Labour-Lib Dem identity of interest. This can best be served by Labour coming out of the election as strong as possible, able to form a government.”

Lord Adonis is silent on what Labour supporters should do in seats where the main battle is between the Tories and Liberal Democrats. The implication is that they should back the Lib Dems but a public call for them not to vote for the Labour candidate would risk a breach of his party’s rule book.

His intervention will be seen as an attempt to pave the way for a deal in which Mr Clegg’s party would support a minority Labour government in key Commons votes. That is thought more likely than a formal coalition.

However, Lord Adonis insists that it is “nonsense” for the third party to pretend it is equidistant between Labour and the Tories. “The truth is that the Lib Dems, for all their local opportunism, have national policy that is similar to Labour’s. The difference is that Labour can implement its programme. The Lib Dems have no realistic chance to implement theirs without a Labour government,” he says.

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  1. This is O/T but I wonder if the people on your blog would be
    interested in this site.

    I don’t know who the author is, I have a feeling he/she may be a New Zealand scientist. At first I thought it was one of these conspiracy nuts, but she/he ain’t one bit. Maybe you should refer the site to Mr Cameron?

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