Nick Clegg Messenger Of Fear Or Just A Lttle Bit Scary?

Vote Lib Lab Dem or we fear....

One of the most amusing political moments of the 1980s was David Steel and his “go back to your constituencies and prepare for government” at 1981 Liberal Conference.

Relive the moment

Move on 30 years and Little Nicky Clegg and his Doppelganger Tit Head Vince Cable believe they can attain power again, by one method or another.

The dividing lines between Labour and the Lib Dems are in state of flux, sometimes merging, others times clearly defined depending upon the message being spun.

One thing is emerging though, Clegg and the Lib Dems are embracing the message of fear, though with what success remains to be seen. The last time the Liberal Party dabbled with fear involved a Liberal Party Leader who had some “irregularities with party funds”, a male model called Norman Scott and contract being put out on Scotts dog. If you don’t believe Aardvark then Google it.

Pravda The Guardian is now spoilt for choice as it now has 2 parties that are virtually identical to evangelise, and today it’s Little Nicky’s turn.

Britain will be hit by waves of “Greek-style unrest” if a Tory or Labour government narrowly wins the election and then tries to push through draconian spending cuts, Nick Clegg warns today.

In an interview with the Observer, the Liberal Democrat leader says he fears “serious social strife” would break out on the streets if a government with limited support at the election on 6 May then raised taxes, laid off public-sector workers and froze wages.

“Imagine the Conservatives go home and get an absolute majority, on 25% of the eligible votes,” Clegg said. “They then turn around in the next week or two and say we’re going to chuck up VAT to 20%, we’re going to start cutting teachers, cutting police and the wage bill in the public sector. I think if you’re not careful in that situation… you’d get Greek-style unrest. And so my warning to people who think the old politics still works, is be careful for what you wish for.”

Replace Conservatives with Labour in Clegg’s statement and the outcome is the same if Clegg is to be believed, yet he makes not mention of it. They use of the “he fears ” is pure Labour fear message and does give the appearance of co-operation between Labour and Lib Dem attack mutts.

In his own constituency city of Sheffield, where there are no Conservative MPs or councillors, and a high proportion of public-sector workers, he fears a ferocious backlash against potential Tory cuts.

“Suddenly these people will be told by a government that has no legitimacy [in the area] in their eyes that this government is going to slash and burn, having promised them something else.”

Based on that statement then why are the Lib Dems in bed with Labour as by Clegg’s own standards Labour are not a “legitimate” government because only 22% of the electorate voted for them in 2005?

Whatever message Clegg is trying to peddle the truth is clear, power at any price and never mind so called principles.

Clegg said he was “not campaigning for a hung parliament” but it would be preferable to rule by a party with a tiny majority based on a minority of votes. “Do I think politicians working together can be a good thing? Of course it can.”

What is the difference between a hung parliament and a tiny majority?

Well in a hung parliament the Lib Dems could be the tiny majority and get some chance of power.

Lord Adonis was entirely correct (well it had to happen once) there is very little difference between Labour and Lib Dems, Clegg is rapidly showing himself to every bit as disingenuous as his running mate Gordon Brown.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Fantastic post my friend. Glad you picked up on this too. Its a disgrace- Cleggy posing to be Liberal my arse!! 😉

  2. The Liberals seem to be in a constant state of flux. Apparently Clegg is now attacking the Labour party on civil liberties (a13 years too late, but …). It’s on the front page of one of today’s papers

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