Eddie Izzard Does A Labour Party Politcal Video

Photographed constantly at last years Labour Party car crash conference hanging around the Kinnocks, like a dung beetle around……….. Eddie Izzard has made a video which people would want to watch at the start of the weekend, allegedly.

It might be if you are about to spend the weekend in the doom and gloom of the damp bunker where Dear Leader moves imaginery armies to invade through the Ardennes ponders a future that could have so different if George Osborne had not out manoeuvred him in 2007 causing Brown to bottle the election.

Hat tip to Ben Brogan for the article, it’s well worth clicking the link as the comments on Izzard are priceless.

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  1. I think you will find that many of the ‘celebs’ who vote labour do it because they care about everyone in this country not just themselves – well done Eddie.

    • Its only the rich champagne socialists who can afford to “care about everyone” in the country.

      It’s a world of difference evangelising about Labour when you earn serveral million a year, a different story when you live in the country on an average wage, there is no public transport and the price of fuel under Labour makes life very difficult.

      The best example of this type of celebrity is endorsement is Bono the tax dodging wealth redistirbutionist and friend of Labour.

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