A Desperate Gordon Brown Wants To Form Anti Tory Alliance

Dear Leader is becoming more desperate to stop the Tories as he realises that Labour are not going to win the General Election, if the current state of the polls continues up to May 6th then Labour could well end up as the third party in British politics.

In an interview with the Independent to be published today Brown sets out his vision for an anti Tory alliance, with a Lib Lab coalition led by Brown with little Nicky following 3 steps behind as they lead their children into the sunlight uplands of socialist utopia, or some other boring drivel in a similar vein.

Gordon Brown appealed yesterday for a “progressive alliance” of natural Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters to join forces to keep the Conservative Party out of power. In an interview with The Independent, Mr Brown said his new “mission” and “offer” to the British people was the creation of a “new politics” after the MPs’ expenses scandal. He revealed a rethink in Labour’s strategy in which the party will try to sell its sweeping constitutional reforms to highlight common ground with the Liberal Democrats and convince voters that it can still offer change after 13 years in power.

“We have to show people we are in the business of the new politics and we have a plan for that as well as the economy,” Mr Brown said. “I don’t think people have yet focused on that. We’re serious about change. That is my mission.”

The question Labour knows it must answer urgently now is “Why Brown?”. His answer is that his “unique selling point” is his experience and judgement and ability to learn from past mistakes – as well as fair policies to meet the new challenges facing Britain.

Does his “progressive alliance” mean encouraging anti-Tory tactical voting by Liberal Democrat supporters, as Lord Adonis did in his recent article in The Independent? Mr Brown repeated the Transport Secretary’s appeal, saying Labour was also ready to “move forward to the next stage of constitutional reform” such as fixed-term parliaments and possibly a written constitution. But he stopped short of giving a nod and wink to Labour supporters to back the Liberal Democrats in the seats where they go head-to-head with the Tories in the South and South-west of England.

Trying to play down fears in the City of London about a hung parliament, Mr Brown said: “I will do everything in my power to make sure the economic stability we brought back after the financial crisis is maintained.”

It seems Mr Brown will not be changing his tactics in the second leaders’ debate tomorrow. “I don’t know what you mean by tactics,” he replied. “I will be me. I will be myself.

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  1. Well Brown’s mention of climate change etc., was a big mistake. the US Government are investigating Al Gore and
    Goldman Sachs with regards investments in Cap ‘n Trade
    and carbon trading. That are losing value. They might be
    found guilty of creating a ‘carbon bubble’?

    I can’t see the Libs coming to the party with Brown. Maybe
    the Greens. I’m sorry but this Brown doesn’t seem to cut the mustard for a politician. I can see from afar the political blunder’s he is committing.

  2. By the way, I hope you don’t think I’m being a ‘know all’
    but I do hope the Tories get in, and maybe the Libs come to the party with them. I’m watching the polls closely.

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