Nick Clegg Brands Gordon Brown A “Desperate Politician”

Lord Adonis started the whole idea of another Lib Lab pact with his suggestion that Labour and Lib Dem voters should vote tactically and in support of one another. An idea that sooned gained support from Brown and Mandelson.

Then today a desperate Gordon Brown is pleading for an anti Tory alliance in the Independent.

Brown spent most of the Leaders Debate cosying up to Nick Clegg and obviously was hoping to start forging some sort of alliance.

Nick Clegg is none to keen to be seen as the man who help lead Britain over the abyss, into a new dark age, more commonly known as another 5 years of Gordon Brown.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg today launched a scathing personal attack on Gordon Brown branding him a “desperate politician” who had systematically blocked political reform.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Clegg said that Labour was “clutching at straws” after slumping to third place in the opinion polls.

The Prime Minister told The Independent that he was “serious” about creating a “new politics” in the wake of the expenses scandal and urged the Lib Dems to respond to Labour’s plans.

That appeared a remote prospect as Mr Clegg said he did not believe Mr Brown’s conversion to reform of the voting system, with the Prime Minister having for years resisted any change.

“Brown systematically blocked, and personally blocked, political reform. I think he is a desperate politician and I just do not believe him,” he said.

However the vehemence of his remarks will spark fresh speculation that the Lib Dems could demand that Labour gets rid of Mr Brown as leader as the price of their co-operation in a hung parliament.

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  1. This is shit stirred political retoric. The nearer the election
    comes the worse it will be.

    The best the tories can do, is remain positive, leave the name callings out of it, and get on with the proposed political agenda. I would hope they mention the Climate Change debacle. What is the cost? And who will benifit? Certainly the Carbon Traders and those investing in so called clean (is there any?) energy and bio – fuels.

    I know some people who are uniformed about the climate
    change debacle. But this must be mentioned.

    Skeptics are now being labeled as eco-criminals and Green peace advocates are threatening people.

    • No one has really talked about the AGW farce in the campaign thus far.

      Brown did witter on about Green Jobs which all know is another lie, but then no one listens to Brown anyway

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