Climategate – AGW Rasises It’s Head In The Leaders Debate

Anthropogenic Global Warming, apart from the quasi communist manifesto of the Green Party the UK election had been free from the Church of Climatology until tonight’s Leaders Debate when Gordon Brown was the first to mention man made climate change, and then continued to mention it, until at last given free rein Brown proudly proclaimed all the crippling economic measures Britain was leading the world with. Brown smiling announced the restrictive targets for CO2 emissions, the taxes, how Britain was trying to get wealth redistribution climate change talks going again.

Climategate, Glaciergate and the endless flaws and errors of Michael Mann, IPCC and Phil Jones have never happened for Labour and Gordon Brown, still trying for business as usual at the Church of Climatology. Public opinion means nothing to Brown, Labour if reelected will pursue their dream of one world socialist government and wealth redistribution.

Aardvark is not quite sure what is Clegg’s position on Climate Change is, he seems to believe in it, most probably because his advisers are lagging behind public opinion or because to be a good Liberal a certain amount of eco chic is de rigueur.

When asked about Climate Change David Cameron talked about better insulation and energy saving measures to reduce the cost of heating and get people out of fuel poverty, by reducing their energy consumption. Cameron also talked about the crisis in power generation facing this country and a new generation of nuclear power stations.

At this point it is worth noting that Brown was harping on about the UK off shore wind farms, what he wont tell you is that they are sinking into the sea, hat tip to Richard North.

Wind power is the single most expensive “renewable” power source requiring full backup from fossil or nuclear power stations for those days when the wind can’t be bothered to put in an appearance.

At no time did Cameron make any mention of the Church of Climatology agenda, all the Conservative measures for Green policies, are based on reducing CO2 emissions by reducing demand by more efficient use, not by using taxes and continually persecuting the motorist all in the name of the Green Tax Lie.

Brown and Miliband must know the AGW scam is dead and the corpse rotting. The COP16 farce due to be held in Cancun wont reach an agreement, just like the fiasco of COP15 in Copenhagen failed to. The failure of COP16 is already being widly broadcast by the UN.

Once they have parked their private jets and hopped in to a limo, the delegates at COP16 will be so busy horse trading and jockeying for position to replace Yvo de Boer the outgoing UN snake oil salesman, that there will be little time for anything else.

The AGW scam is dead and only Gordon Brown the leader of a dying government, and a dying party would cling to it in the hope that Al Gore and the Church of Climatology will perform a miracle and make Labour electable again.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Crimatology

  2. yes but cancun is a much nicer holiday than copenhagen. And it is already hot there so no one will notice all that extra warming from all the limo’s and private jets.

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