Is Lib Dem Surge Over?

* * * Breaking News * * *

New Ipsos/Mori poll in the News Of The World tomorrow has Conservatives 36%, Labour 30% and Lib Dem 23%, poll was taken on Friday.

Looks like little Nicky has the same problem as  David Steel with surging prematurely.

More to follow

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  1. You sure?
    This poll of 1,300 people ( that’s 1/60,000th of the population!) is the only one with figures anything like that. Most are in the 29-31% range.

    I think anyone who can survive the kind of onslaught of the past week is probably doing ok!

    • The poll could be a rogue one or it depends on the questions being asked.

      When the election is over the pollsters are probably going to have reqork their sampling methods to take into account televised debates

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