The BBC – Official Propaganda Wing Of The Labour Party

The BBC, imposed on us by the Television Tax, and pro Labour and Climate Change by inclination, impartiality went out of the window decades ago.

Last year we discovered that the BBC was supportive of Climate Change because some numpty had invested significant amounts of their pension fund in Al Gore’s Green Industries scam.

Now they are at it again supporting Labour and trying to cause divisions in the Conservative Party reports Tim Montgomerie:

Earlier today the Today programme led on a report that the Tory leader of Kent County Council, Paul Carter, disagreed with Michael Gove’s education policy. Michael Gove was interviewed on Today and gave a combative response. He insisted that Cllr Carter was “100% supportive of our proposals“.

We have no choice in paying for the BBC, those that do not pay the Television Tax either get fined or go to prison.

The time to scrap the BBC and the outdated Televison Tax is now, if the BBC cannot or will not be truly impartial then it cannot be tax payer funded.

The idea of a tax on the ownership of a television belongs in the 1950s. Why not tax people for owning a washing machine to fund the manufacture of Persil?” Jeremy Paxman

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Maybe the BBC pension fund, may be a little intolerant now,
    as in Australia our PM Kevin Rudd has abandoned his proposed ETS bill and any likelihood of ‘Carbon trading taxes until at least 2013 and when Australia sees what the rest of the world is doing to combat climate change..’

    Well as you know wind turbines, are still and will always be
    dependent on main grid back up. And the labor government
    banned fox hunting, been under the influence of animal rights groups and for all I know and have heard the ideas of the Green bank have been rejected as the government has stated to cut carbon emissions would cost the British economy up to 404 billion pounds that they can’t afford.

    Get out of woods, Brown, and see the clear light of day.
    You’ve been conned and now you are paying for it.

    Britain does not need another Chamberlain ‘and peace in our times’ mentality. Democracy and capitalism is under threat and you don’t realize it. Or rather Brown doesn’t
    the stupid man.

    As far as Clegg is concerned he’s just a would be man of the moment capitalizing on a good admittedly TV presentation and hot air. Politicians lie when they stand for election and if they are so ignorant of what the AGW fiasco is all about, they shouldn’t be in office.

    And if the BBC won’t admit they have wasted their pension fund, well that’s their problem. They should ask for the pension fund be compensated into believing this AGW and
    climate change fiasco and con, by the government.

    Go into Fox News and see the Michael Mann short video
    ‘Hide the Decline 11’ it may still now be on U Tube. As you know Michael Mann is attempting to sue for defamation, for his hockey stick fabrication, but Fox News published another, it is hilarious.

  2. Peter Reynolds

    My dear Aardvark,

    I love the photoshop jiggery pokery, very clever. Not that much substance to your assertion though but you’re entitled to your opinion.

    I expect you know that under the terms of its charter, the BBC is required to provide balance “over an appropriate timescale and across a range of our output”. Useful excuse that!

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