Are The Lib Dems In Danger Of Over Playing Their Hand

The presumption of would be king maker Nick Clegg

The hung parliament story, broadcast loudly by the left wing media as a sort of last resort of keeping Labour in power and by the rest as the polls are a story in themselves.

As many political commentators are endlessly saying the Leaders Debates have upset the polls, and no one really understands what the polls really mean, and how they will translate into votes on May 6th.

There is an old saying that you should never believe your publicity and Nick Clegg is starting to behave in way that shows the polls are going to his head by saying that his price for a Lib-Lab pact would be the head of Gordon Brown.

On the face of it, nothing wrong with that; Aardvark would like Gordon Brown’s head on a spike at Traitors Gate.

However when you dig deeper what you have in effect, is the Leader of one Political Party trying to say who will not be the Leader of another political party, understandably those who support Labour are none to impressed with Clegg.

Labour’s twitter Czar:

@Kerry4MP: It’s rather gone to Clegg’s head, hasn’t it? Who the hell is he to tell us who our party leader should be? << 100% agree!

@Kerry4MP So true, two weeks ago no-one knew who he was, now he thinks it’s his job to chose who leads OUR party, who does he think he is?

@kerry4mp apparently under the Labour party’s rules if Brown goes then Harman automatically becomes leader unless she quits as DL not likely

Obviously the Labour mob are not happy, but the question is how will undecided voters see it?

Sensible or arrogant?

But then the spectre of a Harman/Clegg regime raises it’s pointed head, that could actually just be worse than Gordon Brown.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. How many seats to the present Lib/Dems hold? What this
    Clegg is suggesting to me, that if you don’t want Labor then
    vote for us? Or Tory/Conservative for us.

    I think you are right, he is siding with the wrong side. If voters are anti-Labor, and they should be they’ve made a
    mess of the country, and people need to examine Libs real
    agenda. I believe they want closer associations with EU?

  2. Paul Dennett

    You have overlooked the fact that he has also said that if one party gains most votes and also most seats, the Lib Dems will support that party. Which looks to me as though he won’t obstruct a Conservative minority government that has a mandate. All he has said about Brown is that he won’t support a PM who has obviously lost his mandate.

  3. Well Tory Advarrk, here’s something you can add to Mr
    Cameron’s agenda.

    Kevin Rudd has announced he will not be acting on the ETS
    Emissions Trading Scheme until at least 2013 until we see
    what the rest of the world is doing? Because it will be stopped again (3rd time) in the Senate. It hasn’t been including in his next budget. This is a political move, once
    he is in again (he could change his mind of course) but he reckons it will save 2.5 million Aussie dollars not going ahead.

    Nice way to wangle out the biggest Carbon scam ever.
    And Ukraine are setting up an inquiry to where all the monies have gone from them selling Carbon permits.
    Seems it has gone up in smoke (excuse the pun?) Now all
    those AGW alarmist should be eating humble pie, and in
    my opinion Mr Cameron should start to bring this in.

    My opinion is any politician or organisation employed by
    a government should have woken up to this earlier without
    spending billions on proving AGW was changing the climate!

    There goes the Carbon investment trading, eh?

    • The Cap n’ Trade bill is dead in the water in the US as well.

      The majority of Conservative PPC’s dont believe in AGW, along with the majority of voters here. Last survey I saw said 62% dont pray at the Church of Climatology anymore.

      Brown and Miliband are still trying for wealth redistribution, Cameron is more about reducing emissions by more efficient use than trying to tax people into submission, which is the only way the socialist knows.

      COP16 at Cancun will crash and burn just like Copenhagen while they fight over who will replace Yvo de Boer.

      The AGW scam is dead it just hasn’t hit the floor yet

      • Let’s hope so? In my opinion, governments have been conned by those who wish to capitalize on Cap ‘N Trade
        or ETS i.e., Carbon trading. And it isn’t just the social political aspect, it is the clean energy and Carbon investment scams.

        Dr Pachauri of TERI Europe and India is the biggest con artist and hypocrite in this too. People who have been promoting human Global warming, and therefore devastating climate change have willfully manipulated the data, like Phil Jones and Michael Mann to name a few are in my opinion have gained financial returns for promoting corrupted data to aid the financial interests of others. Is this not fraud?

        I just wish Mr Cameron would like to mention that the
        so called science regarding AGW is questioned.

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