Climategate – AGW Dies In Australia And USA

With all this General Election business the wealth redistributionists and one world governmentalists have had an easy ride of it lately.

Apart from Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband trying to restart the wealth redistribution Climate Chage talks last month and Brown trying to push the AGW agenda in the last leader’s debate, Anthropogenic Global Warming has not really featured in the General Election thus far. Yesterday when Gordon Brown was supposed to be launching Labour’s Green manifesto, he instead used the occasion to attack Conservative policies.

What happened to 50 days to save the world?

The is more really bad news for the warming alarmists today as former leading member of the Church of Climatology, Australian PM Kevin Rudd abandons Climate Religion:

Kevin Rudd two years ago thought no issue was more important, and he was the man to say so:

The biggest challenge the world faces in the decades ahead is climate change. It is the great moral and economic challenge of our time.

Today no issue is more embarrassing, and Rudd gets unidentified spokesman to say it’s on the backburner:

It was once a centrepiece of the Federal Government’s election strategy, but now the emissions trading scheme (ETS) has been relegated to the shelf until at least 2013. Hat tip to the always excellent Andrew Bolt

Kevin Rudd, like Gordon Brown and Obama were all people for whom the science was settled, there was no debate left they were going to push ahead with their dream of one world unelected socialist government.

Meanwhile back in the USA the Climate Change Bill has been postponed indefinitely:

A long-awaited climate change bill that would put a price on excessive carbon emissions and generate billions of dollars has been postponed indefinitely.

US Senator John F. Kerry’s 20 years of climate change plans hit the bottom Saturday after Senator Lindsey Graham, who had allied himself with Kerry on the issue, abandoned the effort in an unprecedented move

That about wraps up the scam, there will be more death throes from Oxfam, WWF, Greenpeace, third world dictators who wont be stuffing their Swiss Bank accounts with our money, Al Gore as he gets sued out of existence over his Carbon Trading Scams and Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband will be gone with 8 days.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Good, and thank you Tory Aardvark for publicizing this.

    Now Mr Cameron take the bull by the horns. Show the Libs
    Dems and especially Labor for the fools they are.

    I’ll mention this blog in dispatches on the Joanne Nova’s
    blog and conservative blog in Australia.

    The truth will out? eh. And what is that well known cliche
    ‘All in needs is a few good men to do nothing for evil to succeed’. I will be following the May 6th elections with much hope and will pray for Mr Cameron to succeed in a more than hung parliament.

  2. The reason why AGW is dead in Australia is because the Australian people have been able to see through the BS and hype. Rudd realized that he was pushing shit up hill so he bailed out, quick fast.
    The elections are at the end of the year and Rudd is hoping to revamp his profile in the hope of winning the next election. I personally do not think he has buckleys, but, you can never tell with the donkey vote among the vastly ignorant masses.

  3. Rudd is hilarious. He has become one of the biggest jokers in history. He really got on the AGW bandwagon before the last election and got behind the big scare campaign to gain him a heap of votes from the millions who were brainwashed into believing it all. However now that it’s come to light about AGW’s foundation of deception, manipulation and downright lies he has been left with egg on his face. He really has shot himself in the foot as if he really believed what he said in that it’s the biggest issue of our generation then there is no way he’d put it aside until 2013. The fact is Rudd never has believed the garbage that he speaks about. He simply chases popularity in the hope of gaining votes. Unfortunately for him after a period of time this tends to come undone and leave you in a messy situation like the one he’s in now. I really hope the Australian people see him for what he is and abandon him come the election. We need a real leader who will stand strong for what is best for the country, not sway back and forth for what is popular at the time.

    • Yes I totally agree Beady. However, on the other hand
      GB should also be thinking the same way. The so called
      science was wrong, fraud, and those who would capitalise
      on this new Grey area, such as Goldman Sachs, Al Gore and
      Pachauri (TERI EUROPE AND INDIA) the ones who were paid
      to prove AGW. And the Carbon Credits and so called clean
      energy or green energy profiteers.

      The US senate inquiry into Goldman Sachs will have some
      impact regarding the sub-prime mortgage scam, so will the
      Carbon Credits investments.

      Rudd is in trouble. My feelings are he realised the scam,
      and how much it would cost Australia to implicate it.
      But the insulation con too. Has cost monies. You need
      insulation in cold areas for sure. Especially as some of the older homes are made out of timber or hardiplank. Ok for
      hot weather zones.

      But Rudd is claiming ‘Wait until you see our clean energy
      plans’ Gee not more wind turbines. God Forbid.
      Incidentaly the main Carbon Credit traders in Sydney have
      left. Some weeks ago.

      The house of cards is crumbling what.

  4. Now this is great (joking!) Mr Rudd has announced from 12 midnight tonight, cigarettes will go up 25%. And by 2012
    all cigarette companies have to display their packets in black and white only?

    It is a full moon tonight by the way in Australia.

    I suppose the next social attack will be Beer or wine, junk foods (to stop obesity and type 2 diabetes) ice cream, Mars
    Bars, toffee apples, and owning a dog (who eats too)

  5. Huddie, it’s not entirely dead. But wait to nearer the next
    general election. One poll said it wouldn’t alter their vote
    if the ETS is scrapped.

    Rather polls are not clear though. Maybe if those who voted
    in the 63% against the 33% who said yes, may not have been
    ALP voters either?

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