Brownfall The UK Election Gaffe To End Them All

Hat tip BrownandBust for the poster.

The curse of Jonah Brown struck again today, this time on Jonah himself.

Totally forgetting that he has a radio mic on Brown gets into the car muttering “What a disaster” and “that woman is bigoted”, and quickly commited the political equivalent of farting in front of the Queen at an Investiture.

Google now has 430,000+  entries for the biggest political gaffe in living memory.

Gillian Duffy had dared to mention immigration to Brown, just a few months ago anyone who dared mention immigration was branded a racist.

Labour claim to have sorted immigration, how can this be when the Labour leader’s, in private and thus real reaction is to call someone a “bigot”?

All the talk is just another smoke screen and serial lie from Brown, should Labour get in aided and abetted by the Lib Dems then it will be business as usual for immigration but with an added amnesty for nearly a million illegals thanks to Clegg’s policies.

The $64,000 question is how much damage has this done to Labour?

Gillian Duffy has been a life long Labour voter, her concerns will be shared by many voters of her generation, who will also feel insulted by the B word.

The problem for Brown who needs every vote is they might decide to vote for another party or just not vote at all.

Brown and Michael Foot represent both ends of the Labour spectrum, Foot wrote the longest Political Suicide Note in History, Gordon Brown spoke the shortest, both led the Labour Party to catastrophic defeats.

Either way the damage is the same for Labour.

* * * Breaking News * * *

Gillian Duffy will NOT be voting Labour

Latest Bigotgate is big on the doorsteps in all constituencies.

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  1. There are so many political twits today that it makes holding a political office a joke. The biggest court jester is none other than Joe Biden, the American vice president. Every time he opens his mouth, just as idiot Brown has, he steps right into the ooompah.
    Criticizing a voter publicly is not the wisest thing to do. I suppose a buffoon like Brown sometimes cannot help himself.

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