Labour Twitter Czar Kerry McCarthy Breaks The Law On Postal Voting

McMcarthy broke postal voting laws

Postal voting is a farce open to all sorts of fraud and multiple voting, but, it is supposed to be secure from a Labour PPC for Bristol East tweeting the number of postal votes cast for each party.

But with their usual contempt for bigoted voters Kerry McCarthy the Labout Twitter Czar has done just that.

Unable to blame Sue when cornered McCarthy,  following the example of chief bigot spotter Gordon Brown, then tried to share the blame with other Tweeters who reacted incredulously at her behaviour and re Tweeted her tweets along with calls to inform the Police.

Kerry4MP then turned the tables back on @Parlez_me_nTory by tweeting @Parlez_me_nTory @ianvisits I think you two perhaps shouldn’t compound the error? My mistake – hands up! But you can’t do it either’. Hat tip to Bracknell Blog

It remains to be seen if the police and the electoral commission get involved

* * * Update * * *

The Telegraph now have the story as well.

Electoral Commission confirm that McCarthy’s tweet is illegal

16:22 Right now Bristol council are receiving complaints about that pesky 1983 Act, Section 66 (1) and 66 (2) from @ToryBear

16:36 @torybear RT @michaelsavage: BREAKING: Spoken to Bristol council: “It is a criminal matter”. Local police awaiting a complaint to investigate.

18:00 Story on most MSM outlets now, why has no one called it Twiitergate yet?

18:50 ITN News report that Bristol City Council have reported McCarthy to the Police

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  1. Postal votes in Australia have to be registered by a time
    or date set by the Electoral Commission. They can be sent from all over the place for a particular electorate.

    Certainly if voters will be absent on the day of the general
    election from their normal polling site.

    Gee haven’t you got that organised yet? Or the there are not stipulated rules attached. How about your troops serving overseas for example?

  2. I may not be tory but this is bigger than just blurting it out.
    Mc Marthy breaks this law: and still the details are up on the @uklabourparty twitter stream
    First Postal Votes opened in east Bristol. Eng Dems **; Greens **; UKIP **; TUSC **; BNP **; Lib Dem **; Tory **; Labour **
    Now who opened these before poll date? and were they given to the labour candidate going door to door unsealed? because I thought they all got opened on the day only.

  3. Here’s the earliest tweet I can find. Missed the damn orginal with a page refresh unfortunately!

    Still, this one has her full orignal wording:

    It was cut down when it was retweeted by @MichaelSavage and the always hillarious @CharlieWhelan:


    • Hat tip for that I would love to reproduce it here but then we would be breaking the law and unlike Labour MP’s us right wing bloggers are not above the law

      • Guido has the full original version on his website now, so I figure they can’t get all of us. Besides, I like to think I’m reasonably anonymous!

        Would be nice if the CPS do decide to prosecute.


  4. Labour are a corrupt party that only have a lust for power and no actual morals or principles

  5. Hope she gets to share a cell with cowan.
    They deserve each other…

  6. Those votes should be now null & void. And if the labour
    were leading that count – tough titties. This is amazing!
    It means the ballot boxes are not sealed. Anything could
    happen. Sounds like one of these put up government elections in the Zimbabwe.

  7. Those votes should be now null & void. And if the labour
    were leading that count – tough titties. This is amazing!
    It means the ballot boxes are not sealed. Anything could
    happen. Sounds like one of these put up government elections in the Zimbabwe. Incidently it is according to
    the Bristol council, anyone else publishing the results is also
    breaking the law?

  8. The National Party are still putting up the results on their

    There was another postal fraud in Derby, reported to the
    police, who don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

    This carry on is like a Monty Python circus, if it wasn’t so
    serious it would be funny.

  9. There was a massive postal fraud in Liverpool in the last election that the Police there showed zero interest in too. It’s getting to be like a banana republic…but without the laughs

  10. Bush bunny

    Yesterday it was published on greenarrow website.

    The results were favoring Kerry but just look again. Most parties were in one or two digits. Here’s was in three.
    Now if you remove the third digit, she is not the most popular as she thinks, she’s behind Libs and conservatives. I’m going to go back and see take the last digit off how much the collective vote count comes too. I believe it will be one hundred, ie percentage..

    From your polls, here seat is not considered safe.

    Gud one Kerry, you must be feeling safe when you are not, eh?

  11. Bush bunny

    I think I have caught her out. If you take out the 6 from the
    end of her figures for herself. It comes to 115. Remove three
    minor parties and it is 100. I would say that the percentages
    for the three major parties, ie. LibDems, Tory and Labor
    follow the local trend polls.

    She must be afraid to lose her seat, and desperate enough
    to fudge the figures to appear she is romping in.

  12. Bush bunny

    Don’t let the lie disappear before they disappear, try Googling ‘National party re Kerry McCarthey postal vote …’ you’ll got on a site thegreenarrow.

    What a tangled web we weave when first trying to deceive.

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