Vince Cable The Best Hyped Up Chancellor We Have Never Had

Vince Cable was obviously expecting an easy ride, the look on his face is priceless as Andrew Neil reads out the list of things that Cable has flip flopped on.

“I genuinely changed my mind on HBOS” stammers Vince uncertainly, so call Aardvark cynical, but were the other mind changes non genuine, In other words a flip flop.

If the disaster of a hung Parliament were to happen, then would, in the event of another disastrous Lib/Lab pact, Darling stand aside and let Cable become Chancellor after Clegg had decided who was to be Labour Party leader? Words like snowflake and furnace spring to mind.

The Lib Dems and Clegg especially are starting to believe their own publicity, the arrogance of Clegg to presume that as self appointed king maker he can choose the leader of another political party is astounding.

Cable his reputation battered has dropped off the radar since being mauled by Brillo so how Clegg will perform tomorrow against a village idiot  grinning Gordon Brown and a very well briefed David Cameron with the best economic policies remains to be seen.

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  1. He’ll have his supporters because he is a bullshit artist.
    I think most voters are prepared to take on someone that seems on the surface to be ‘fair dinkum’.

    Get him on climate change etc., and he will crumble. I’ve read his parties manifesto, and it’s a load of hype.

    Give away with one hand and take away with the other.

    UK like other countries in the EU are in deep financial trouble. Everyone around the world knows this, however,
    who ever gets in is to increase taxes. Get the NHS in some order at least. Get immigrants to take out a health insurance, and basically curb their drain on the economy.
    I read that families in Romania were receiving welfare
    payments from GB. How come?

  2. I meant to add to the last post, Clegg is a dream maker, not
    realist. Hard measures to resurrect your economy are first,
    and one of the biggest drains is your welfare, (where necessary of course) your health system is worse than
    in Australia. Even pensioners have to pay for medical prescriptions, only $5.30. in Australia per prescription.

    Every tax payer pays 1 or 2% of their taxes towards Medicare, whether they have a private health insurance or not.

    We do pay women to have babies. Single or unmarried

    But we have a means test. Those that receive pensions
    in Oz even though they have paid tax or superannuation
    do not get government pensions over a certain amount
    of assets (that do not include their homes).

    Your old age pension is ridiculous. Your cost of living is higher than in Australia by 33%. Most pensioners get
    at least the equivalent of double your aged pensioners or disabled or sole parents with children under 16 years.

    Over $AUD700 per fortnight. That’s $AUD350 per week.
    Plus concessions on council rates, car registration (50% at least) travel, free medical care (like hip replacements)
    and dental and eye care. We do get a bit of insurances
    but not much. Those who don’t own their own homes
    receive rental assistance on top of this whatever they receive be it unemployment benifits or whatever.

    Sometimes owning your own home one is a bit worse off
    financially if one is a pensioner however, owning ones
    own home is something that Australian’s value most of
    all. And we can borrow on the equity on our home and only pay interest. Until we die or sell the home.

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