Cameron Catches Brown And Clegg On The Hop

Copyright (Jeff Overs/BBC/PA)

Polls published immediately after the debate finished show David Cameron as the clear winner according to Sky News:

YouGov puts the Tory leader on 41%, followed by Nick Clegg on 32% and Gordon Brown on 25%.

ComRes had Mr Cameron two points ahead of Mr Clegg on 35% with Mr Brown trailing in third on 26%.

And Angus Reid put the Tory leader on 37%, eight points ahead of Mr Clegg on 29% and 14 points ahead of Mr Brown on 23%.

Aardvark is not entirely sure that Gordon Brown’s creepy gurning grin at the end did much to further Labour’s cause, but if the polls are to be believed then Labour is now the third party in British politics which should keep them from having another go at wrecking this country for a least a generation, and hopefully for all time.

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  1. Were they on the ‘hop’? I thought they were standing near an imaginary fire hydrant.
    I’m glad Cameron has clobbered those two jackasses. Now let us hope that he wins the elections.

  2. Yes he is quite plausible to me. However in Oz, on Joanne
    Nova site, which is anti AGW. There were four reps from the
    four parties, and the conservative gave Rudd a stir for dropping the ETS. And then said Labour had not done anything towards climate change. (growl from me?)

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