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Climategate – EU Plans Toughest Emissions Targets In The World

Some people wont give up with the AGW scam and the EU are now the leading players in trying to force crippling taxes on the struggling economies of Europe. The overall plan is wealth redistribution and unelected one world socialist government, something the EU identifies strongly with as elections are a bigger anathema to the EU than they were to Gordon Brown.

The original plan from the EU was a 20% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, now the euro morons want a 30% cut by 2020 on the grounds that this will be easily achievable as so much industrial capability has been lost in the recession.

The first question is why are they persisting when Obama and Kevin Rudd have backed away from this sort of economic stupidity?

Then when the whole junk science behind the AGW scam has so many question marks over it, why base any sort of policy on science that needs to be revisited. Read the rest of this entry


Why Do Socialists Hate Bloggers

Cass Sunstein Obamas Internet Czar

There are some remarkable similarities between the now defunct regime of Gordon Brown and the Obama administration, the blind adherence to the junk science of Climate Change, the profligate spending, the appointment of Czars for intrusive big government and the nanny state and the desire to suppress bloggers and free speech.

In the UK disgraced trougher and former Communities Minister Hazel Blears twice tried to float the idea that bloggers should be licenced by the Government. Blears was concerned about the “corrosive effect” that right wing bloggers were having on politics in Britain, for corrosive you can read exposing the lies and deceit of Gordon Brown and the troughing habits of Blears, The Redditch Saddleback et al.

So it’s no surprise to read in Daniel Hannans blog that similar moves are afoot in the USA. Read the rest of this entry

Conservative Lead 7% In Latest Opinion Poll

An opinion poll in the Guardian today has the Conservatives on 39% (+2), Labour 32% (+2), Lib Dems 21% (-3), this is the first poll since the General Election.

With all the hype of coalition government, it seems a bit early in the game to be thinking of separate parties and their approval ratings, what happend to the unity of the Conservative and Lib Dem parties?

Overall 59% of voters back the new government Read the rest of this entry

Church Of Climatology In Terminal Decline In Britain

Destruction of the Church of Climatology continues

The continuing decline in belief in the Church of Climatology is causing more despair at The Guardian, this time its a poll for EDF Energy done by YouGov that shows only 62% of Britons are faintly interested in man made Climate Change. That’s not 62% believe in AGW, that’s 62% have an interest in AGW.

The Guardian goes to great lengths to try and convince the reader that fall in the number of believers is due to the bad winter we have just had, no mention of Climategate emails, the junk science of Michael Mann, the IPCC and Phil Jones at the CRU deleting data to hide the lie they were all trying to sell.

Once again the implication is that the public are stupid and that the warming alarmists know better and will educate the “little children”, much the same attitude to that of the plague of Christian missionaries that descended on Africa in Victorian times to the educate their “little children” in Christianity. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Row Breaks Out Over Freedom Of Fife

A row has broken out after an SNP MP called for Gordon Brown to be given the Freedom of Fife for “his outstanding public service”.

No its not a windup Tricia Marwick is for real, how anyone could consider what Brown did from giving our gold away to cutting the defence budget 4 times while we were at war to be “outstanding public service” beggars belief. The only award Brown should be getting is a lamp post and a length of piano wire.

Claire Baker the Labour MSP for central Fife does not agree: Read the rest of this entry

The Unite Union The Turkeys That Voted For Christmas

Hot on the heels of Unite managing to overturn the High Court injunction stopping the strike comes the news that BA made a loss of £531 million in the year ended March 31st.

Included in the loss total is around £50 million from the last strike called by Unite.

Not included in the total loss figure is the impact of the volcanic ash cloud Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Spain And The Great Global Green Jobs Lie

One of the great selling points of the Church of Climatology has been the Green jobs lie: we give all your money away to third world dictators, but it will be all right because you can make more from Green industries and you wont need to feel guilt about this new Green money.

Spain has been quoted by both warming alarmists and non believers as the shining example of the Green economy, and the complete disaster that Green policies bring to an economy. The Spanish economy is suffering collateral damage from the meltdown in Greece so is Spain’s investment in Green jobs going to provide the panacea to Spanish economic woes? Read the rest of this entry

Top Civil Servants Made Formal Protests Over Labours Spending

The British economy burns as Labour leaves office

Gordon Browns disastrous tenure as Prime Minister was a government of nastiness, bullying, smearing and vitriolic lies so it comes as no surprise to find out that during the dying months of the Labour regime Civil Servants made formal protests and requests in writing about Labour ministers spending.

Asking for specific written instructions from a minister is regarded as the “nuclear option” by Whitehall mandarins, it is very rare that such a request should be made, yet during the dying weeks of the last Labour government frequent requests were made for written instructions.

Civil servants came under increasing pressure from ministers in the dying months of the Labour government to carry out expensive orders that they disagreed with and responded by submitting an unprecedented number of formal protests in the run-up to the general election. Read the rest of this entry

Unite Union Returns To 1970s Industrial Relations

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The actions of the Labour Party’s paymasters the Unite Union over the industrial action hark straight back to 1970s and Red Robbo the communist trade union organiser who did his very best to break British Leyland. Strikes were called for any reason and walkout occurred at the drop of a hat.

British Payland is no more, in addition to a workforce more interested in striking than working the majority of cars they produced were utter rubbish and all that remains of BL is Jaguar Land Rover sold off by Sir Michael Edwardes in the 1980s to try to save BL.

British Airways has been an ongoing success story since being sold back into private ownership, once billed as the worlds favourite airline, recent times have been hard for BA and indeed all airlines. Increasing fuel prices, “Green taxes” and other tax measures coming down the line mean it is a harsh financial climate that the aviation industry is facing.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse a volcano with unspellable name in Iceland grounds all UK flights for several days and the airlines lose still more money. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Spotted On Day 1 Of His New Job