General Election Jacqui Smith’s Campaign Supported Labour Expenses Trougher And Eddie Izzard

Jacqui Smith most famous for claiming for those movies - 3 times

Like Hazel Blears, disgraced former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has dropped of the radar since the expenses scandal and those infamous porn movies.

For a reminder of Smith’s troughing and the subsequent rigging of the Parliamentary Standards Committee by Labour click here

You can tell a lot about a PPC’s campaign by the people who come to support their bid to get elected; in this case Baroness Morris of Yardley.

The former education secretary, claimed thousands of pounds to refurbish her London flat in the run-up to the 2005 general election.
After the election, Tony Blair nominated her for a seat in the House of Lords.
More in The Telegraph

Also on the scene deeply unfunny Labour Luvvie Eddie Izzard and maker of scary Labour Election Videos, for children and the intellectually challenged.

Comedian and multi-marathon runner Eddie Izzard came to Redditch to support Jacqui Smith’s tough fight to be re-elected on May 6th.

Eddie met with local campaigners and residents.

Eddie said: “I’ve just run lots of marathons in a row and it was really tough at times. In Redditch it looks like Labour is going to face tough challenges to win, but in Jacqui Smith they have a gritty fighter to lead them.

“The event on Sunday was great. Everyone was up for the battle ahead as we try to stop the Conservatives bringing in cuts and halting the recovery. “Getting Labour’s message across is crucial and that is what the event was about.”

Izzard really should keep out of politics, at the Labour car crash Party Conference last year Izzard was repeatedly photographed in the company of Labour windbag Neil Kinnock and his totally unfit for purpose wife  Glenys. Glenys Kinnock was part of Gordon Browns Government Of All Talents, and so talented was Glenys that after a spectacular screw up, she was slid sideways and off the radar.

You can tell a lot about people and politicians by the company they keep, which sums up Jacqui Smith’s campaign nicely.

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