Gordon Brown And The Great Inheritance Tax Lie

A Tory inheritance tax policy that will only benefit the 3000 richest families

If Gordon Brown is not making reference to some potential event “endangering the recovery” then it is a fairly safe bet that he will be harping on about Conservative Inheritance Tax policy only benefiting the richest 3000 families in the country.

When you think it through it is a totally ridiculous thing to say, but then a lot of what Labour is about is the sound byte, a statement in isolation quickly followed by another sound byte. No time to think,  move on quickly.

Any political party that wants to get elected needs a broad swathe of public support, a policy on Inheritance Tax that appeals to only 3000 families is hardly going to be a vote winner or General Election decider due to narrow appeal.

If the appeal is so narrow then why does Gordon Brown endlessly recite the “3000 richest families mantra”?

Quite simply because Inheritance Tax was the cause of Brown bottling an election in 2007 because George Osborne effortlessly out flanked Brown, with his announced Inheritance Tax policy and the polls narrowed. Brown rightly judging that Gordon Brown and elections are an oxymoron ran for the bunker,  and the rest as the cliché goes is history or if you wish to be un PC Jacqui Smith sang.

Brown, Mandelson and the rest all know that far more than 3000 families live in houses worth more the £1 million, and you don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to own a house worth this much.
There are any number of reasons from a lifetime of home improvements, Browns much boasted about house prices boom, to a house being bought 20 or 30 years ago in an area that was unfashionable and is now trendy, in other words luck.

The Labour attack on Conservative Inheritance Policy is just another knee jerk  politics of envy sound byte, as long as you don’t think it through Comrade it’s a great rallying call.

If you do think it through then you can just indulge in envy and spite.

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  1. It’s silly to say that over 3000 people live in million pound homes. Of course they do! The real issue is how many people die in million pound homes. Most normal people retire at some age and then sell their large houses as their kids move on or they simply spend their savings in retirement and need to downsize.

    I don’t know if the true number is 3000 but the fact is that the current inheritance tax only applied to the largest 5% of actual estates in recent years. If it was increased to a million pounds it would clearly apply to a tiny fraction of even that.

  2. The website articles are great, only dropped in for a quick read and ended up reading a lot more. Thankyou and keep up the great feeds.

  3. what has a million pounds got to do with it, you start paying inheritance tax at £325k; if the threshold rose to £1m then tens of thousands of estates would be removed from this tax.

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