Tony Blair Turns Out To Support Jacqui Smith In Redditch

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Accomplished Labour trougher and former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is not having the best of election campaigns, deeply unpopular in her constituency of Redditch since the expenses scandal broke Smith has been relying on fellow Labour expense pigs and Labour Luvvie Eddie Izzard to boost her flagging campaign.

Before continuing Aardvark has noticed that just like Labour election leaflets rarely mention Gordon Brown, so none of the placards being held up by the activists mention the Redditch Saddleback, nor do the Labour placards behind Blair mention Smith. Even Hazel Blears has her name on Labour propaganda in Salford, but then Blears is not defending a flaky majority in  seat No 47 on the Conservative hit list.

Blair is losing his media/voter appeal as there was no mention of this on any of the MSM outlets, and as this picture shows even Blair could not drum up support for Jacqui Smith. Other photographs of the event are mainly a photo opportunity for the orange war criminal, as Smith only features in 2 of the 7 photographs!

Smith is in serious trouble in Redditich mainly for her expenses, which is reasonable, but what she should be really judged on was the shameful case of Conservative MP Damian Green in what even The Guardian described as the “Stalinesque” arrest of an opposition MP.

Damian Green is the shadow Immigration Minister and was arrested for leaking documents that revealed the truth about Labour’s uncontrolled immigration policy, a policy since fully exposed.

It is for this, not for being a troughing pig that the Redditch Saddleback should be judged for.

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Jacqui Smith votes by post, scared of the public or following the Labour tradition of corrupt postal voting?

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    Apart from 2 hours in the towncentre on saturdays nobody has seen jacqui out campaigning,but the election in Redditch will be very close indeed, there is 10 candidates standing including the english democrats, ukip, bnp, the nobody party and christian party and a former tory who is standing as an independent candidate and green all expected to take votes off the main 3 partys.
    labour will lose a large amount of votes to the bnp and green and the conservatives will lose votes to ukip and the independent. so a close fought battle in thursdays election with plenty of re-counts. with the turnout expected to be higher than previous elections the result will not be expected before 530am friday morning. The count for the council election will start at 2pm on friday .But it is all to play for in Redditch.

  2. I wonder when Tories will start to mention that when Cameron mentions all the business leaders who support his N.I plans (which is actually, every time he speaks), he quite conveniently omits to mention that most of those leaders, are either Tory party donors, or Tory party members, or in the case of one, “a good friend of David Cameron.”
    Then again, you’re all too busy being anti-gay.

    • If you can find any article on this blog that is anti Gay in anyway, I will print a public apology.

      I fail so see what a person’s sexual orientation has to do with the political system, under Labours much plugged Equality legislation you cant single out people for this reason, and quite rightly so.

      So why is it that socialists/Labour keep bringing “the pinkvote” to the forefront of politics?

      As to us all being anti Gay get over yourself

      There is an area which will ultimately have to be defind by legal test case, where there is a direct conflict between religious belief and the law.

      Wiser people than us will have to resolve this

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