Hazel Blears – The Salford Star Puts The Boot In

More bad publicity for Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears antics as a serial house flipper and trougher of tax payers money has done serious damage to both Blears and Labour in Salford, so much so that Labour have declared Salford to be a marginal seat.

Salford has been Labour since dinosaurs walked the earth, the fact that Labour now have serious worries about the seat, shows the level of damage Blears has done.

The whole blame does not really lie with Blears, Salford Labour Party must take a share of the blame for re-selecting Blears after the expenses scandal.

The Salford Star is no great fan of the ginger chipmunk and today have exceeded all previous efforts with this post:

Hazel Blears is the pin up girl of the MPs expenses scandal… The properties in London, the £1,773 on two TVs in less than a year, the cleaning bills, the £200 bath towels, the £9000 food bill and the husband who’s picking up almost £80,000 from Salford Royal Hospital Trust as a non-exec director. It goes on and on and on…

So Hazel Blears and your expenses sheet, come on down…

It is a major dilemma for everyone in Salford. Had Hazel stepped down and a new candidate appeared, Labour would have walked Salford. Now seven candidates, including one from the Hazel Must Go! campaign, are standing against her. All we can do is to re-present the facts as we see them, through stories on our website over the last year. Click on the links and then make your choice…

Hazel Blears’ Expenses – The Full Horror click here

Hazel Blears’ Expenses – Who Ate All The Pies? Hazel Apologises click here

Hazel Blears’ Expenses – The Disappearing Cleaning Bills click here

Hazel Blears’ Expenses – Hazel Has To Pay The Taxpayer Back click here

Hazel Blears’ Expenses – Mark Thomas Comes To Hazel’s House click here

Hazel Blears’ Expenses – Martin Bell Comes To Salford click here

Hazel Blears’ Husband And His Near £80,000 Pay From Salford Royal Hospital click here

For more details put the word `Blears’ into the search engine on the top of the page.

Full article here. Hat tip once again to the Salford Star

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  1. Bush bunny

    This is disgraceful. However, I did a bit of research.
    I’m very against climate change etc., and AGW.

    I was deeply and I mean deeply disappointed in Davids
    Environment manifesto. A Green bank??????
    Out of the three parties, Labor was the most moderate on

    However, putting that aside, one black mark for David,
    on Environment. EU and illegal immigration or immigration
    is David’s strong point, and also NHS, and also Clegg is
    going for EU.

    This close to polls I think Conservatives will win, and with the support of lesser parties particularly the DUD in N.Ireland should have a comfortable working government
    with possibly the support of the Lib.Debs.

    But crikey, get that environment stuff worked out.

    And if folks in UK have as yet not worked out their voting
    preference, they shouldn’t be voting!

    You realise I will be burning the midnight oil on Saturday
    watching the results come through.

    • Much midnight oil burning here as doing live blog, blog posts through out the night, getting very wasted.

      Irrespective of who wins the election the war on warming alarmists, one world governmentalists and wealth redistributionits.

      Friends of the Earth produced some load of crap or other that they wanted PPCs so sign up to, nearly all the Greens did, 150 Libtards, but where it gets interesting is only 85 Labour MP’s (less than 25%) and Conservatives.

      Clegg was trying to push the AGW on Sunday, let them a vote winner it’s not

  2. Bush bunny

    Keep going. I think personally Tories will definitely get
    a majority, and with the DUD and minor parties, without
    Libtards (as you name them) should be able to come through.

    Those postal vote frauds are worrying, eh?

    Cheering for David from one ex-patriot in Oz,. Sure there are more mind you in Oz and New Zealand.

  3. With all the names of the saints and angels to choose from, her parents named her after a nut.

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