Labour Declare Salford A Marginal Constituency

Hazel Blears has made Salford a Labour marginal seat

Disgraced Labour trougher and serial home flipper Hazel Blears campaign to get elected as MP for Salford is in as much trouble, as that other troughing Blair babe Jacqui Smith’s campaign is in Redditch.

Their abuse of the expenses system has done them and the party they represent lasting damage.

So bad is the damage that Blears has done, that Labour have declared Salford a marginal consituency:

A Labour Party insider tells me that Salford has nowbeen declared “a marginal constituency” for the first time in…well, ages! People say you could stick a red rosette on a donkey and it’d get elected in Salford, but it seems that the Labour Party itself no longer thinks so. …

Meanwhile, Hazel Blears’ attempts to rebuild her reputation and reconnect with the people of Salford are, I hear, falling slightly flat. I was speaking to a woman in Charlestown who attended a women’s only curry and comedy night. She told me that Hazel turned up uninvited, demanding to speak to the gathering. Obviously she was told that this was not on but still wandered around the tables with her new Hazel can help leaflets before making her exit. The feedback to this stunt was far from favourable, I understand, with unprintable words written on the leaflets telling her where to stick them.

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