The Odds Of A Referendum On Lisbon With David Cameron

More news on yesterday’s post that David Cameron could offer the referendum that Labour promised and then failed to deliver.

The latest news is on the possibility of a Referendum is really encouraging:

First, it appears that this section of the Treaty is simply not subject to passerelle.

Second, even if it was, passerelle requires the unanimous agreement of every member state – and every state has the right to demand an InterGovernmental Conference and ratification instead. Britain would have a veto, and it would be in total conflict with David Cameron’s new EU policy for a Cameron Government not to use it.

Third, even if this area was subject to passerelle, and even if the British Government failed to use the veto and demand an IGC, Spain has already demanded one. Furthermore, the European Parliament looks set to vote in Spain’s support on Thursday, and the European Commission is in agreement too.

Beyond those technical, Brussels-derived arguments, there is also a compelling bit of evidence from an unlikely source here in Britain.
I spoke last night to Bruno Waterfield, the Brussels Correspondent for the Telegraph. He confirmed to me that he had checked the story with no less an authority than the Foreign Office, who had confirmed the need for Parliamentary approval of the new Treaty.
Full story here

Neither Brown nor Clegg could be trusted to do anything but give more of our constitutional powers away to Brussels, Labour promised a referendum on Lisbon and broke that promise and Europhile does not even come close to describing Clegg.

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  1. Bush bunny

    Go for it. And maybe if David wishes to make a small domestic comment… “Let’s review pub laws re smoking?” From some blogs the Lisbon treaty and the smoking laws are very important… mainly because it allows people and publicans some freedom of choice, without some big brother 1984 dictating how we spend our pleasant relaxing hours. Morally.

    Not that I do not commend that (I for one – don’t like smokers although I am a smoker smoking while I eat) however, in the true officer’s mess one never light up before the toast to the Queen and have port.

    Why can’t we have restuarants that have a coffee and liqueurs after dinner area that smokers can enjoy. Those that don’t can stay at their smoke free tables.

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