Culled We See – Jacqui Smith

The Redditch Saddleback is gone

Troughed till she dropped, white washed by a Parliamentary Standards Committe rigged by Labour, Damain Green MP arrested while Smith was Home Secretary for doing his job.

Hat tip to the voters of Redditch for kicking the Redditch Saddleback out.

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  1. Bush bunny

    Just remember one Conservative strong hold, has not polled
    out of respect for the sudden death of the UKIP candidate.

    I would say that will be another seat to expect?

    BBC have just declared it is a hung parliament. My time
    6.44 pm in Australia

  2. Bush bunny

    Clegg has announced he will support the decision of the electorate this being the Conservatives have the greater
    number of seats, although right now there a few more to
    come for results.

    I’m sad that those polling stations were closed etc., before
    people could make their votes. Postal vote fraud another issue.

  3. Bush bunny

    My time is 10.07 pm, you are short of a mere 30 seats,
    and in my opinion, if you can get to 306 seats another 10
    You should be able to gain a majority government.

    If you had a two party preferential election like in Australia
    you would have to make voting compulsory.

    I’m waiting up until David’s speech. that’s 12.30 am and I’m
    exhausted I feel I am there with you.

  4. Bush bunny

    10.32 pm Australia 299 but include the other Con seat to
    be held 27th May… assured seat I feel.

    Six to go.

  5. Bush bunny

    301 seats to Conservatives plus one to be decided on
    27 May. 10.57 pm Australia. Getting there Just a few more?
    Puts you in a strong position.,

  6. Bush bunny

    12.00 midnight Australian time.

    Conservatives have won, with some coalition with the Lib.Dems and minor parties should form a strong government.
    H.M will be or having a difficult job of course. Unless Brown
    steps down honorably.

    Forgive me if I go to bed now…. No doubt you will email me
    from this site and let me know any updates.

    Oh –


  7. technically the tories really only need to find 7 mp’s to form a majority as the IRA never turn up to vote and the unionists will vote with the tories.

    Brown needs to find 63

    well done for staying up so late.

    • Bush bunny

      I see a rude comment on your site about Kerry McCarthy.

      I wish I was a fly on the wall at No 10?

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