Gordon Brown Stuck Like A Limpet In No 10

The hung parliament is not the result that many people hoped for, Aardvark included.

The Conservatives won the most seats and polled the most votes in a decisive rejection of Gordon Brown and his substance, so why is Brown still in No 10 trying to strike a deal with the Lib Dems after such a decisive rejection of all that Brown stands for.

Cameron and Clegg are talking about responsible government for the country, Brown is talking about staying in power no mention of responsible government, just Gordon and Sarah living happily ever after at 10 Downing Street.

There is something faintly childish, while being both grubby and pathetic at the same time, when a man who assumed power by being crowned Leader of the Labour Party and thus avoiding a vote is finally forced to submit to the democratic process, loses and still refuses to go claiming he can still form a government.

In the words of Oliver Cromwell “”You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.””

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  1. Should the people revolt at Brown’s decision to try and hold on to power and become agitated and violent, he could do what Indira Gandhi a previous P.M of India did and legislate a state of emergency in the country to hang on to power. These tactics have been used before by desperate politicians. Brown is at that desperate stage, now.

  2. Bush bunny

    Well of course the Libs will go to the highest bidder.

    But somehow if they did that and sided with Brown I reckon
    voters will be very angry.

    Minor parties could still come in, even the Greens.

  3. Les Crompton

    Why don;t some people just get it ,a hung parliament is exactly what a lot of people wanted,this shows the lie that is Cameron, where is the “change” we we promised, where is the “new way of doing politics”before the election Cameron said “the people don;t want government done with deals behind closed doors”same old Conservatives,ignoring the clear will of the electorate for radical change, not some meaningless promises.Read the message from the electorate,radical change Mr Cameron, can you deliver?,

    • sorry les, no one want a hung parliament. If they did there would be that option on the ballot paper. It will be a disaster. There will be another election within months.
      We need a government that can govern.

      • Les Crompton

        Dreamer, govern for who, for the people, the markets ,the banks,all have a vested interest,they want there own way they want what all the parties offer at every election,something for nothing.coalitions in my view means MPs have got to work harder to get things done,they don;t want that do they?.Its really about time government started telling the markets what to do,the country voted for radical change that sounds frightening to some people,but it;s got to be worth some pain to get a better future,lets jump over the edge who knows it might just be better.

  4. Bush bunny

    Well you won’t get much of a radical change if the Libs
    join Labour! Is that what the electorate wanted? Chaos.
    Well if that is the will of the people, Britain deserves to remain in the mess it is presently faced with.

    Your first past the post electoral system for a country with a
    large population appears to be correct for you. Yet, if people are not compelled to vote they deserve the government they
    subsequently get.

  5. Bush bunny

    Les, in someways I agree. A hung parliament is a dangerous and insecure position to have for any government. The pound is wavering now on the outcome of this. And you don’t want to go the way of Europe do you?

    And the green energy and carbon trading rort must like
    the situation. At least Australia, Denmark, Germany, France
    and the US of A (despite it’s dreadful oil spill that BP will have to pay for in the end) have so far abandoned the
    Cap n’ trade or Emissions trading bills. Selling carbon permits to emitters, won’t change the bloody climate, but
    make it more expensive for the consumer.

    Now Goldman Sachs is in the limelight in the US of A, maybe their involvement with CCTs and so called clean energy
    investors (like Al Gore, and TERI Europe & India, Pachauri’s
    mob) will also be questioned.

    Polluters should pay, but CO2 does not change climates in Timbuktu 10,000 miles away. That the Copenhagen saga
    was aiming at fining or taxing developed industrialized countries to help pay for climate so changes caused by them. All a rort to pay for Pachauri’s 1000 dollar suits.

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