58% Of Voters Want David Cameron To Be PM Without A Coalition

BPIX for the Mail On Sunday

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  1. Bush bunny

    I think the Tories will try to form a coalition, with the opinion
    a hung parliament and instability will prove to lower the value of the pound. And you don’t want to join Europe eh?

    The trouble with all elections, often the majority of voters vote not for manifesto, but on personality. I know one person who reckoned he hated Eton boys. What a way to vote! Reversed snobbery.

    But in Australia, our MPs both State and Federal correspond
    and have contact with their constituents. I did write
    respectively to the PM and told him his ETS was dangerous,
    I never got a reply. But he scrapped the ETS not long after
    as I don’t think I was alone.

  2. Bush bunny

    WAKE UP FOLKS, GIVE US THE RECENT GEN ON WHAT’S HAPPENING. From what I have read, there are several options for David Cameron.

    1. Form a partial coalition with the Libs, with the approval of his elected MP’s.
    2. Go it alone with a little bit of help from minor parties.
    3. Let the Libs and Labour form a coalition, and defeat them
    again in a few months.

    I’m a bit of a political animal, and if David can’t find an equable agreement with the Lib/Dems, I would let them
    go with the labour, as it will surely help him in another election (Bugger the country but – politics is politics)

    If your nation is so indecisive, at the point of time, then
    those negative non conservative voters have got what they have wanted… another election. In the mean time
    the country is going down the gurgler financially. Like Europe.

  3. Bush bunny

    Re PR. What would have happened in a position where the candidate failed to get 51 % of the vote? It would go to
    preferences. Now Glenda Jackson only got her seat back
    with 42 votes. I would have asked for recount. That is absolutely shocking.

  4. Bush bunny

    Not meant seriously BUT have the Conservatives ever considered forming a partial coalition with sympathetic labour members? Like crossing the floor?


  5. Bush bunny

    PS Just to keep the blood flowing in the economy, etc.

  6. Bush bunny

    I’ll be back in a few hours, have to stop as it is Mother’s Day
    in Australia, the dogs gave me a lick.

    Must watch ‘Foyles War’. Hope to find something interesting from this site after I finished watching.

    Kind regards to all posters

    From Bush Bunny in Oz.

  7. Bush bunny

    No news is good news perhaps. I’m off to bed as I have received no new emails for hours. It’s now 11.30 pm in Australia.

    If the Lib/Dems are rigid over PR, they should be shot, as it is an unnecessary political point to carry on with right now.

    All I can say right now the party with the most seats should
    govern with the assistance of others who agree with the
    political legislations they wish passed in the Commons.

    Otherwise it will be a continued battle to pass any legislation and you will have another election this year.

    More money that could be given to pensioners etc.

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