Poll 62% Of The Voters Want Gordon Brown Gone Now

"You might have voted, but I know better"

The man who has assiduously avoided elections all his political life has finally had to face the judgement of others, and been rejected.

This of course makes no difference to Gordon Brown who is trying to do deals and keep himself as PM in direct opposition to the majority of voters, who voted decisively against Labour.

A Sunday Times/YouGov poll taken on Friday and Saturday shows that 62% of voters want Brown out of No 10, yesterday:

At the same time a Sunday Times/YouGov poll, taken yesterday and on Friday, showed that the vast majority of the electorate want Gordon Brown to quit No 10 now. Only 28% want him to remain as prime minister.

Brown was also being urged by some senior ministers to quit and allow Labour to go into opposition with the prospect of a fresh election within a year.

What is the matter with Gordon Brown?

Has he become so deluded that he believes that only he can fix the crisis that he made or does he believe that the British people want him to stay on and save Britain, in the same way Brown believes he saved the world. There is a third alternative he will do anything to remain Prime Minister, the need for power to fill the other inadequacies in Browns flawed and complex personal makeup.

Whatever his motives his behaviour is doing him no favours, the “I am the PM still nah nah nah na” outside of 10 Downing St yesterday was a classic display of what Mrs Aardvark calls “small dick syndrome” that shows Brown as little more than a committee member of some enthusiasts club making up for the shortcomings in his life. marriage and career.

Which in reality is pretty damn close to the truth, it is rare that Aardvark swears on blogposts but this occasion the blue anteater has a message for Brown: “Gordon please just Fuck Off”

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  1. Gordon is desperately in need of Peter Pan to find his missing marbles. Doesn’t he get the message or is he immune to the fact that his days are over as the saviour of the free world.

    • Bush bunny

      The devil you know is the devil you know Huddie? Who else
      in the Labs are also could be worse devils? His resignation
      as PM yes, as leader of the labour, no.

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