Tories And Lib Dems Have A Deal – Perhaphs Not

Earlier Sky News was announcing that Tories and Lib Dems have a deal:

Sky’s Joey Jones said: “The negotiations are entering the endgame.

Now the same article has changed completely:

Lib Dem negotiator David Laws said the parliamentary party had agreed that cutting the deficit must be at the heart of any deal and that there must be “strong and stable government”.

However, they wanted “clarification” on reforming the education system, on tax reform and on reform of the voting system, he said.

Lib Dem MPs also agreed that Mr Clegg should “listen further to the representations made by the Labour Party”, a spokesman added.

It came as Sky News sources suggested the Tories and Lib Dems had agreed the “outline” of a deal to form a new government.

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  1. Cameron needs to grow a spine and a set of “Ed’s” right now he should be telling Clegg where to put his pr and the rest of his failed policies and whip him over to his downing street master instead of offering it to him, talk about turkeys voting for Xmas if the deal gets done with pr included its the end for Cameron and sadly for the rest of our once great party too as we’ll be swimming under a fraudulently elected (they love postal votes) lib-lab pact for generations to come or at least until we get invaded or there is a civil war to remove the pr system

  2. Cameron has been quite statesman like has quite rightly kept out of the press. But you are right it is time for the tories to say put up or shut up.
    The lib dems are punching way above their weight. They have been offered 4 cabinet positions and the chance at a referendum on AV, which seems like a way to make sure that tories are not elected. what is fair in giving a party that has 20% of the vote more seats than a party that gets 40% of the vote. But that is bedside the point. The lib dems are now just hoping that Brown will cave even more. But then he also needs to cave to the SNP and the welsh. As most of the inevitable public service cuts will have to fall in scotland, wales and the north, because that is where the largest number of new public service jobs were created, how will labour be able to put the needs of reducing the deficit in front of the obvious deal not to cut in those areas that the nats will demand and labour will not be able to do in its heartlands. IT looks like the people of the south of england will have to bear even more cuts and rising taxes to pay for labours fiscal incompetence.

  3. I don’t agree that preferential voting or AV will disadvantage the Tories. It will though make your voting system a lot more complex. Cutting out 150 seats will though! If Lib Dems go with labor, then you can expect an election this year.

    Either way, I can see the Lib Dems losing popularity in the
    electorate, let alone within their own ranks. If they want to pass immediately their AV without going to the public. It shows that they have already lost popularity.
    So – keep positive, I have a lot of faith in William Hague.

  4. Nick Clegg is behaving like an Arab trader. If I were Mr
    Cameron, I would be tempted to tell him to go run and jump.
    In fact, I would tell him to eff off first.

    It just shows the integrity of Clegg. Having secret talks with
    labor on the side.

    He’s gazumping. Who wants someone like that managing
    your finances, and having secret talks with the EU etc.

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