Evening Standard Reports Gordon Brown Has Quit

The last ditch attempts of Labour to cling on to power after a crushing defeat in the General Election have come to nothing.

Gordon Brown in a calculated move to keep the Conservatives out of power yesterday sacrificed his Leadership of the Labour party in an attempt to do a deal with the Lib Dems, all for nothing.

Despite being overwhemingly rejected by the voters Brown was planning Mugabe like, to hang on to power until September and knowing Dear Leader probably beyond that. How astute of Sir Malcolm Rifkind to describe Brown as being just like Robert Mugabe.

Tonight’s Evening Standard has the headline “Brown Quits”.

There have several headlines in the last couple of days:”Brown quits”, “Brown to resign at…”

So it remains to be seen if the Saviour of the World will actually resign, or if he will stay on until defeated by a vote of No Confidence.

It just leaves Aardvark to dedicate this video to Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband, Patricia Scotland, Jacqui (we got you, you fat bitch) Smith, McNumpty, Rammel, Harman, Peter (campaign funding irregularities) Hain, Twitter Twat Bradshaw, in fact the entire PLP (excluding Dennis Skinner and Kate Hoey) and everyone who voted Labour.

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  1. I’d included Skinner in that list.
    The way that he tried to engage in conversation, whilst the rest of the Hoc were offering their condolences to DC (over the death of his little lad) was vomit inducing.

    Hoey’s great..though I’d give it 10 minutes before I’d follow her into the loo!

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