Conservative Lib Dem Coalition Latest Details

Wednesday am: More details of the coalition deal are emerging:

* Five Lib Dems (not six) will get Cabinet jobs, including Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister;
* The bill to have a referendum on AV will be subject to a three line whip, although Conservatives will be free to campaign against AV in the ensuing referendum;
* There will be five-year fixed term parliaments, starting with this one, meaning the next election is scheduled for May 2015;
* Elsewhere on political reform, the second chamber will be wholly or mainly elected and there will be a commission to review party funding;
* There will be £6 billion in cuts this financial year and a reversal of some planned rises in national insurance contributions, but Conservative plans to reduce inheritance tax have been sacrificed. The Conservative plan to introduce a tax break for marriage is in tact, although Lib Dems will abstain on this measure;
* A new pupil premium to be introduced, steering more funding to schools for every child they take from poor homes to help close class gap in school results, whilst the Conservative plans for Swedish-style free schools will be introduced;
* There will be a cap on immigration and, as reported previously, the Lib Dems’ proposed amnesty on illegal immigration has been dropped;
* The Lib Dems have committed to maintaining Britain’s nuclear deterrent;
* The Lib Dems have accepted that Britain will not join the euro in this parliament and have accepted the Conservative proposal for a referendum lock to ensure that any proposal to transfer new powers to the EU must by law be put to a referendum.
This is from a rolling blog at Conservative Home

For a list of the latest appointments to the Cameron-Clegg cabinet click here

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    Haha, Boris says the coalition is just like a cross bred dog, see the pics.

    And see the doggie pics. of Balls and the Miliband brothers. There is only one dog that Ed Balls could be!

  2. I dont disagree with you!!!

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