Climategate – Spain And The Great Global Green Jobs Lie

One of the great selling points of the Church of Climatology has been the Green jobs lie: we give all your money away to third world dictators, but it will be all right because you can make more from Green industries and you wont need to feel guilt about this new Green money.

Spain has been quoted by both warming alarmists and non believers as the shining example of the Green economy, and the complete disaster that Green policies bring to an economy. The Spanish economy is suffering collateral damage from the meltdown in Greece so is Spain’s investment in Green jobs going to provide the panacea to Spanish economic woes?

The answer No.

Aardvark and many other bloggers have blogged about the disaster of the Spanish Green initiatives and how that every Green job created has cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries, the situation is actually worse than previously thought as this leaked internal assessment from the Spanish Government shows:

Pajamas Media has received a leaked internal assessment produced by Spain’s Zapatero administration. The assessment confirms the key charges previously made by non-governmental Spanish experts in a damning report exposing the catastrophic economic failure of Spain’s “green economy” initiatives.

But today’s leaked document reveals that even the socialist Spanish government now acknowledges the ruinous effects of green economic policy.

Unsurprisingly for a governmental take on a flagship program, the report takes pains to minimize the extent of the economic harm. Yet despite the soft-pedaling, the document reveals exactly why electricity rates “necessarily skyrocketed” in Spain, as did the public debt needed to underwrite the disaster. This internal assessment preceded the Zapatero administration’s recent acknowledgement that the “green economy” stunt must be abandoned, lest the experiment risk Spain becoming Greece.

The government report does not expressly confirm the highest-profile finding of the non-governmental report: that Spain’s “green economy” program cost the country 2.2 jobs for every job “created” by the state. However, the figures published in the government document indicate they arrived at a job-loss number even worse than the 2.2 figure from the independent study. Hat tip to Pajamas Media

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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