Gordon Brown Row Breaks Out Over Freedom Of Fife

A row has broken out after an SNP MP called for Gordon Brown to be given the Freedom of Fife for “his outstanding public service”.

No its not a windup Tricia Marwick is for real, how anyone could consider what Brown did from giving our gold away to cutting the defence budget 4 times while we were at war to be “outstanding public service” beggars belief. The only award Brown should be getting is a lamp post and a length of piano wire.

Claire Baker the Labour MSP for central Fife does not agree:

This led to Central Fife’s Labour MSP Claire Baker claiming Mrs Marwick was merely shedding “crocodile tears” for the Kirkcaldy MP.

Ms Baker went further, compiling and releasing a list of put downs to the press which were aimed directly at Mr Brown by the SNP member throughout the years.

“Just a few months ago, Ms Marwick insulted Gordon Brown by calling him a ‘bit player’ on the world stage,” said Ms Baker.

But Ms Baker’s actions have led to a furious backlash from one local Labour stalwart, former councillor Joyce Smith, who was fuming after learning of the content of the press release.

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  1. Just before he resigned, Gordon Brown declared he was not interested in power or money, and intended to go off to do charity work for free with wife Sarah.

    Now we read he is interested in the Chairmanship of the IMF, and is considering the US lecture circuit! (today’s Sunday Times) It’s not what they say……

    Frightening pic. you have there!

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