Church Of Climatology In Terminal Decline In Britain

Destruction of the Church of Climatology continues

The continuing decline in belief in the Church of Climatology is causing more despair at The Guardian, this time its a poll for EDF Energy done by YouGov that shows only 62% of Britons are faintly interested in man made Climate Change. That’s not 62% believe in AGW, that’s 62% have an interest in AGW.

The Guardian goes to great lengths to try and convince the reader that fall in the number of believers is due to the bad winter we have just had, no mention of Climategate emails, the junk science of Michael Mann, the IPCC and Phil Jones at the CRU deleting data to hide the lie they were all trying to sell.

Once again the implication is that the public are stupid and that the warming alarmists know better and will educate the “little children”, much the same attitude to that of the plague of Christian missionaries that descended on Africa in Victorian times to the educate their “little children” in Christianity.

The fact is that the public are not stupid, during the Copenhagen fiasco and ensuring fallout of one junk science scandal after another, there was an enormous thirst for information, people are well informed, made their minds up and moved on.

Popular concern about climate change has declined significantly, following this year’s harsh winter and rows over statistics on global warming, a survey has found.

The numbers of those interested in where Britain’s electricity comes from have also slipped back, according to a survey commissioned by the energy company EDF, demonstrating what appears to be growing consumer complacency in an era of electric-powered gadgetry.

At the same time resistance to building new nuclear power stations appears to be slackening. The results of the YouGov poll, based on a sample of 4,300 adults questioned during the week after the general election, show that interest in climate change fell from 80% of respondents in 2006, to 71% last year and now stands at only 62%. Only 80% say they are interested in where electrical power is made, down from 82% the previous year.

The cold winter we have just have had is no more indicative of global cooling, than the predicted hot summer is indicative of global warming.

The AGW alarmists went to great trouble to point out that the extreme winter weather did not disprove global warming, whats the betting that if the predicted hot summer happens then of course, that it will be evidence of global warming.

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  1. Ohhhh yeahhh? You mean to say that the AGW alarmists are now proving climate change on the difference between winter and summer. If it weren’t so ridiculous it would be hilarious! We have been gradually dropping from an interglacial warm period 800-1300 AD to a cold period 1300-1850 and we have warmed
    slightly again. Look they were screaming Stephen Schneider in the mid 1970s we were up for another ice age. But this takes years maybe generations to become fully into a mini ice age. Glacial coverage of Northern America, Asia and Europe takes thousands of years to happen. Nature gives us a warning so we can adapt including the trees and animals, etc.

    I suspect the British are unlike Aussies, they have a lot of things including electricity supply to concern them. In Oz we are used to temperature changes. And the AGW lies aren’t getting through here. This land was subject to droughts, then floods well before we were industrialised.

    I would say Europe is one of your concerns. And the immigrants getting free gratis welfare when they don’t even live in UK. How many ex-patriot British unemployed go to Romania and draw benefits, or Turkey
    Greece, etc.

  2. the church of climatology is dying. Watch and enjoy!!!!!

  3. With so many issues going on right now and a lack of any real clear argument, instead of the peddling of contradictory and confusing information and propaganda I think the public is getting more and more complacent as they no longer know what to believe anymore.

    How is it that in a period of such advanced science (compared to our past) that we cannot put this clearly to people.

    Soon we will be worshipping the Gods of night and day once again…..

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