Conservative Lead 7% In Latest Opinion Poll

An opinion poll in the Guardian today has the Conservatives on 39% (+2), Labour 32% (+2), Lib Dems 21% (-3), this is the first poll since the General Election.

With all the hype of coalition government, it seems a bit early in the game to be thinking of separate parties and their approval ratings, what happend to the unity of the Conservative and Lib Dem parties?

Overall 59% of voters back the new government

Overall Conservative supporters are most happy with the deal 81% for 16% against, Labour voters are the least happy with the outcome of the General Election.

Overall, 59% of voters say they approve of the decision to form a coalition and 32% oppose it. Tory voters are most enthusiastic, with 81% in favour and only 16% against. People who voted Lib Dem are slightly less keen about the deal that put the Conservative leader David Cameron in power, with 69% in favour and 26% against.

Many people are also optimistic about the new government’s prospects. Overall, 54% say they think it is likely to change Britain for the better, including 12% who say it is very likely to do so, and 41% disagree. Tories are keenest, with 87% saying the government will do the country good, compared with 62% of Lib Dems and only 28% of Labour voters.

In a sign of possible future tension inside the coalition, slightly more Conservatives oppose change than support it. While 45% say they would like a new system, 49% say they want to stick with first past the post. But campaigners for electoral reform may draw comfort from the fact that opposition among Tory voters is not as high as among Tory MPs – almost all of whom are opposed. Full story The Guardian

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  1. Preferential voting system works in Australia, (AV) but quite honestly to change would be a nightmare for
    UK as it is not fully understood. And the population being so much larger than Oz it might not work at all

  2. In the coalition, it is Nick Clegg who isn’t trusted and who is disliked, not David Cameron.

  3. With respect angelstar what’s that to do with the price of eggs.

    David agreed to examine the AV voting system. It is really going to become a real non event.

    If under the preferential voting system you have to vote your preferences. If your number 1 doesn’t get in
    then his/her votes go to your number 2 preference and so on. The primary votes the No 1 on cards count
    always. If a candidate does not succeed in gaining 51% of primary votes, then it is then the preferential votes come in. Say for example David got 41% of the primary votes. Jack no body from the ‘Hail Mary
    Society’ got 10%, but he put David as his second preference. David would win. There will always be
    a winner. But sometimes, a candidate may only get 31% of primary votes, but then gets 20% with
    preferential votes. Get my gist. Now where the Lib Dems were campaigning under this situation it can
    work both ways towards Labor or Conservatives.

    I’d leave it a few years. I don’t think the British electorate want change but as agreed the alternative voting system should be offered to them under some kind of referendum.

    Personally, I think the AV system will become too complicated for UK.

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