Why Do Socialists Hate Bloggers

Cass Sunstein Obamas Internet Czar

There are some remarkable similarities between the now defunct regime of Gordon Brown and the Obama administration, the blind adherence to the junk science of Climate Change, the profligate spending, the appointment of Czars for intrusive big government and the nanny state and the desire to suppress bloggers and free speech.

In the UK disgraced trougher and former Communities Minister Hazel Blears twice tried to float the idea that bloggers should be licenced by the Government. Blears was concerned about the “corrosive effect” that right wing bloggers were having on politics in Britain, for corrosive you can read exposing the lies and deceit of Gordon Brown and the troughing habits of Blears, The Redditch Saddleback et al.

So it’s no surprise to read in Daniel Hannans blog that similar moves are afoot in the USA.

Cass Sunstein, Obamas Internet Czar is trying to float a similar idea about bloggers in the USA, this not the first time Sunstein has made attempts to limit free speech

According to Obama’s internet czar, Cass Sunstein, we conservatives ought to link to Leftie sites and vice versa. Sunstein says that such links should be voluntary, but adds that “sometimes the word ‘voluntary’ is a little complicated.” Yup: if they don’t volunteer on their own, maybe Congress will have to make ‘em volunteer.

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  1. What an appalling idea! i was shocked enough at what Hazel Blears said and as you explain, she was piqued because the Labour spin was challenged and disproved by Tory bloggers putting out the truth. The time of Ali C’s spin was a dreadful time for democracy and thank God we did have the bloggers like Guido and Iain Dale to take the fight back to them and write the truth.

    We have seen on our t.v. screens how adept Ali C. is as twisting the truth, look how he wound up Adam Boulton, DISGUSTING.

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