British Jobs For British Workers The Cynicism And Lies Of Labour

Can anyone forget Gordon Browns “British Jobs For British Workers lie, Brown knew what he was saying was illegal under EU law.

What is worse is that when Brown and Ed Miliband were not sending British jobs overseas with their blind obedience to the Church of Climatology, they were dishing out work permits to 500,000 non EU economic migrants that could have been refused the permits in the first place.

Labour created 1.1 million jobs, gave 50% of them to immigrants so that they could continue with their plan of unfettered immigration and make Britain a multi-cultural and divided diverse society. What kind of Government makes 500,000 of it’s citizens unemployed to give the jobs to immigrants?

More than 1.1million jobs – half the total created under Labour – were taken by immigrants who could have been refused work permits, it emerged last night.

The total outstripped the number of new jobs gained by British workers by two to one, according to the first independent parliamentary analysis of the New Labour years.

The non-EU migrants were handed the work permits despite there being hundreds of thousands of Britons out of work – many of them young people struggling to find employment.

Gordon Brown knew all this when he made the Britisj Jobs For British Workers lie, the contempt that Brown and Labour have for the voters of this country is astounding.

Critics described the House of Commons Library research as the final proof Labour was lying when it promised ‘British jobs for British workers’.

Even during the fallout from the bitter recession, the number of non-EU workers increased. During the same period, the number of Britons in employment tumbled by more than 400,000.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: ‘This proves that immigration was out of control under Labour, and it proves beyond doubt the dishonesty of their “British jobs for British workers” campaign. The new government will bring net migration down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.’

Tory MP James Clappison, who unearthed the study, said: ‘Whatever Labour say now, it is clear they caused or permitted very significant migration from outside the EU as a matter of policy.

This will probably be the tip of the iceberg, more and more revelations about Labour’s lie will float up, much like the discoveries the Allies made as they advanced through Germany in 1945.

‘It was a deliberate policy from the outset to increase by two or three times the number of work permits they were handing out.’

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said: ‘So much for the “tough” points-based system.
Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May: ‘Immigration was out of control under Labour’

‘This research shows beyond doubt that British workers have been displaced by foreign-born workers. This cannot be in our wider interests.

The time must soon come when Gordon Brown and the rest of his regime are held to account at a lamp posts and piano wire party.

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  1. I agree. The betrayal of britian for the good of the labour party is sickening.

  2. Now Ed Balls has turned right round from his stance with Gordon Brown and said outright that Labour made a huge mistake over immigration. You couldn’t make it up.

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